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Deeg Palace - the water world

"Jal Mahal (जल महल)", Water palace is a specialised architecture marvel, wherein a structure is constructed in water. India has mastered the art of Water palaces over the centuries. Water palaces found in India are unique and unparalleled.

Jal Mahal in Jaipur and Udaipur are acclaimed world wide for their splendid appearance. However we bring to you one more Jal Mahal at Deeg, which is lying hidden in Bharatpur district, despite the fact that it is very close to cities of Mathura and Agra.

Popularly known as "Deeg Palace", this Jal Mahal was constructed by the powerful Jat rulers in 1722 AD. This palace is unique in construction as this is a cluster of small palaces. Situated just 32 Km. to Bharatpur, 36 Km. from Mathura this can be comfortably visited in 2 hours while visiting Mathura/ Agra.

First one to greet you is the largest palace of all, Gopal Bhawan (गोपाल  भवन ), used to serve as the royal residence of the king.
From the entrance
This is a 2 storey building with a gallery of ground floor for meeting visitors and consultations with royal administrators. 
Check the once venue of royal meeting place
First floor was solely reserved for king's relaxation, a huge bedroom is worth mentioning.

View from the Lake Side - Reflection in the water multiply the charming ambience 
Used for recreational purpose, 2 small structures (pavillions) are located adjacent to Gopal Bhawan, Sawan and Bhadon Bhawan. 
Visible from the window of Gopal Bhawan is marble carved exotic Suraj Bhawan. This palace used to be the residence for the queens.

Initially built in sandstone by Surajmal, subsequently was cladded in marbles. Most magnificent building in the premises, this palace is one of the best engraved carvings, I have come across...

Behind Suraj Bhawan, with a huge garden in front is Hardev bhawan...3rd in line...
This palace is totally out of bounds for visitors with entry points sealed. 

Situated in the south of this Deeg palace complex and on the left hand side of Suraj Bhawan, is the Kishan goodness, 4th one, the kings must have been fascinated by big big palaces...

Apart from the mind blowing palaces, the unique attraction of this palace is the exquisite network of the fountains in the middle of the palace and between the different bhawans. The engineering involved in the fountain network is one of its kind. 
Suraj bhawan in front and Gopal Bhawan at right side                                                                                                         
Deeg palace comes to its best when the fountains are operated. This happens during a weeklong fair held in the month of September. Packets of colours are inserted inside the various holes at the base of the fountain canals. Where to insert which colour is still followed as per the original manual of this fountain network.
Next to the entrance and in front of Gopal Bhawan is a gorgeous swing, which is said to be have belonged to Nurjahan (wife of mughal emperor Jahangir and one ). This was bought from Red Fort, Delhi and reassembled here. What a perfect way of relaxing...!!!

Visible from the swing is the Keshav Bhawan. One more palace, though it is very small, but this palace is the engineer of the fountain network. This bhawan is used to create or better recreate the effects of monsoon, by means of water stone balls in the ceiling were agitated to produce sounds of thunderstorm and water was released from the jets above the arches to recreate a perfect monsoon rain.

Most interesting artefact here is the "Musal Chowki". Why...?
The reason - Which was looted from Red Fort, Delhi thinking as the royal throne of the Mughals, actually was a platform for keeping dead bodies. Since then it is lying at its above position, no one has dared to move it.
While travelling to Agra/ Mathura, one can take out an hour to visit Deeg and enjoy this one of the not so known spot. The route from Mathura (via Govardhan Road):

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