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Amazing Travel Tips You Should Know For Every Type Of Trip

The life of a frequent traveler seems to be quite simple, but it’s not. It requires a great deal of patience to check hundreds of flight deals, dozens of countries, a large number of travel advices and more. Sometimes, figuring out where to book travel tickets could be a tedious task, whether to book from Air India, Paytm or Redbus and more. To put in more simple words, traveling well is an art and not everyone who travels can master this art. Well, at the same time it’s not rocket science either. With some little secrets and right list making, you can enjoy this art of traveling to its core.

Always Pack Like a Pro
Know what to pack and what to leave at home before you travel to some place. Here I tried to put down some packing dilemmas experienced by most travellers. Based on the type of trip, what clothes, shoes, accessories you need to pack. Although, this is something most people underrate. This is an essential skill you shouldn’t be ignoring. Try to carry just enough, without going over - this could save you time, money and not to mention helps in enjoying a hassle-free journey. The following are different types of trips and their essentials.

Beach Trip:
Essentials: Swimsuit, sunscreen lotions, lip balm, sunglasses, hat, flipflops, protective covers for your smart gadgets, towels, plastic bags, disposable wipes.
What not to pack: If you’re staying in a hotel, see their online website, if towels, beach essentials and other amenities are included in their package or not. Avoid bringing clothes that are too baggy or stuffy. Also avoid bringing camp chairs, beds or grills; because most of the vacation-rental provides them. For a wide rang of choices and styles in duffle bags, do visit Paytm, Snapdeal or Jabong offers available at GrabOn.

Adventure Trip

Essentials: Hat, a pair of polarizing sunglasses, shorts, long pants, windbreaker, hiking boots, flashlight, a pair of binoculars, a small kit of bandages, medications, sanitizers.
What not to pack: Avoid bright color clothes like a plain white shirt. Forget formal clothes. Always go with loose layers preferably in light hues. No wheeled suitcases please instead carry a side bag or soft-sided duffle.

City Site-Seeing Trip:

Essentials: Think of sophisticated yet simple look. A pair of good dress shoes that are comfortable to walk will do. The black colour will never go wrong. A pair of skinny denims, stretchable black bottoms, thick-shoulder strap bag or preferably a messenger bag for women. A pair of loafers, easy-to-carry travel blazer for men.
What not to carry: Avoid expensive jewellery, showiest watches, pricey accessories, unless if think you’re still okay if you lose them.

Active Trip: 

Essentials: While blue denim seems to be perfect outdoor outfit, but they can get heavy and water easily during your active trip. Get a paid of water-proof or wind-proof pants. Go for a pair of tights, long T-shirts, breathable hoodies and long-sleeved shirts. For rafting or kayaking trips, always take durable water shoes, rain gear along with you.

What not to pack: Remember, this type of trips doesn’t need kitten heels or any fashionable footwear. Don’t carry unnecessary smart gadgets; just a smartphone and camera should be fine.

Author Bio
Sravanthi (www.grabon.in), is good at list making, writing and surfing the web. She believes that there’s really no such thing that is IMPOSSIBLE! You can find her writings on GrabOn blog and various other blogs and website.



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