April 16, 2011

On the Road: Ranchi to Jamshedpur

They say Every person is special, I say Every trip is special and different from others. I had such an exciting trip when I traveled from Ranchi to Jamshedpur, in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It was a business trip so expectations were pretty low from this trip. I was in for a surprise...

The distance is 130 km.and it takes around 3 hours. Well maintained road, low traffic  and surrounding mountains make sure that the time passes just by a flick of second.

Nature has been extravagant on this road. Keep the batteries of your camera charged, so that you do not miss any such views...
India is filled with more than abundant beauty of nature. Its our duty to preserve this for our next generations. I also wanted to take a dip in these waters but, was running short of time. May be the next time I will keep some time...Believe me it is far more rejuvenating than any of the showers.

How beautiful scenery these mountains make...surely a cynosure for eyes. They looks so silent from a distance, but I was surprised and shocked to know that the surrounding Forests/ Jungles are inhabited by Naxalites.
Knowing this I curbed my instincts of going atop of the hill.

Road side hotels have their own peculiar charm. Whenever you are hungry do give a stopover at these hotels (Dhabas, as called in India), the same way as I did. Apart from food, I got such a delightful view...

In the way you will pass by ancient "Deori Mata" Temple. Do take a stop for a visit to the temple.

I was expecting this palce to be pretty hot, but the rains kept cheering up my spirits. It kept on raining for the better part of the drive. As you are about to enter Jamshedpur, alongside welcoming hills gives you a feel of a hill station. Check out...

By the time I reached Jamshedpur I was in my spirits and was fully rejuvenated to finish my business assignment wiht best of my energies. There is something in the nature which refreshes you without putting too much efforts. Moving out of, run of the mill life in Delhi is always a pleasant experience - honking of the cars is replaced by chirping of the birds.
"After all Life is also a journey, make is worthwhile, eventful and enjoyable"
and as I always say...Keep on travelling, whenever you get a chance...

I am finishing this article and my bags are already packed for the next trip...Happy Travelling Gaurav...

Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand. Just on the outskirts of Ranchi on the way to Jamshedpur is a place from where you can buy excellent Honey. I myself bought "Neem" and "Litchi" Honey.
Jamshedpur is also called the steel city of India and is one of the main steel producing centers for TATA Steel.



  1. nice I envy you. You must have had loads of fun!

  2. Hi Lucky. I am happy that you visited my site and left a comment. I agree, "World is a Book" as you mentioned. Fine. I enjoyed your great journey-photos, too. Thanks. KD

  3. Hi,

    I am also planning a trip to jamshedpur and wanted to know how the roads are from ranchi to jamshedpur and also if we get taxis at the ranchi airport to go to jamshedpur.

    Any ideas on this?


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