Triveni Dham, Shahpura

Whenever I used to drive to Jaipur from Delhi via NH48, I always used to thank government for the Smooth Ride. It was going on like this for ages, till one day I decided to explore what it is on right and left turns of this legendary highway. 

At one instant while driving from Delhi to Jaipur, one left turn had taken me to Bhangarh and ancient Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir. So, to explore what is there on the right side of NH48, I started Zooming-In the Google maps before Jaipur and I found one spot called “Triveni Dham”, approx. 12-13 km. from Shahpura.

It was the time to put to practice what I always tell - “Taking a couple of breaks to appreciate the beauty of the roads and surrounding spots will not delay your journey but will surely add the Magic to your spirits”. So, within half an hour from taking a right turn I was at Triveni Dham and in front of me was a grand temple premises at the bottom of a hill.

While I was enjoying the panoramic view of the temple location at the foothill, I was amazed by the sight of intricately decorated Entrance of the premises, perhaps the best I came across:

It was the time to seek blessings from the Gods and enter inside the premises. As soon as I went inside, I was awestruck at stunning internals of the temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Embossed paintings and Meenakari on the walls depicting of events from Ramayan, life of Lord Ram and various avatars of Lord Vishnu is simply amazing and feeling pride on our rich history. Likewise, Lord Narsignh killing demon Hiranyakashipu and Lord Ram returning to Ayodhya in Pushpak Viman, after killing demon Ravana:

Lord Ram crossing river Sarayu and Goddess Seeta spotting Golden Deer:

Roof, along with parts of walls is cladded with different coloured glasses. Artwork is worth appreciating.

Full of devotion, one can feel the good cosmic energies here. Once you will visit this place, I am very sure you will come here again to experience the divine feeling of peace at this place. Place is full of devotees all the time, despite that there is no crowding or noise in the premises. It looks everyone is guided by cosmic energies here. Meaning of Dham is actually place where Gods stay.


This temple or sacred place was established by Swami Narayan Das Maharaj who was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram. While coming out, I noticed the beautifully carved entry entry gate to the temple sanctum.

Swami Narayan Das was a revered saint and a recipient of Padma Shree award from Government of India. Lot of saints reside at this religious place and the atmosphere here is full of devotion. As always is the philosophy of Hinduism, social cause is the prime objective with this temple as well. Temple operates an Old Age home, free medicines and free food is served to devotees, poor people and in fact to everyone visiting this temple.


Triveni Dham has lot of open spaces, nice Parking facility, so need not worry about your vehicle. A bigger temple is under construction, just next to existing temple and I am sure the place will be visited by much more devotees in future.

Triveni means confluence of 3 rivers; indeed, the temple is located at confluence of 3 rivers. However, the rivers come to life only for some time during rainy season. Before entering to the temple premises, there is Awadhpuri Temple, which is more a hostel to students studying Vedic literatures and Saints staying here. 

Just opposite to Triveni Dham, on the hilltop there is a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. 

You need to climb approx. 100 stairs to get a view like this. Check the road trip. Proved again, it is the journey of 1000 miles that makes view from top so Enjoying. 

There are hills nearby as well, where you can enjoy light trekking. Keep a good quality water bottle as the place gets extremely hot in the afternoon. Keep driving, taking left and right turns and keep exploring Folks…

1) Darshan is closed from 12 Noon to 4 PM. However temple is remains open for devotees and praying.

2) About Meenakari - Meenakari is enamelling of metals and ceramic surfaces by painting with beautiful designs. The surface is subjected to heat so that the colours bond with the metal/ ceramic surface. This artform is a tradition in Rajasthan and is being transferred to generation after generation.

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