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Gaurav Verma, Founder

Despite living next to a wonderful spot or ancient monument in a remote location, it is really painful to see people barely managing ends in these remote locations. Only tourism can ensure benefits of development reaching to every part of country. 

Armed with that motivation to promote remote and offbeat places, Travel Diaries came into existence.

Gaurav Verma is a passionate traveller and always eager to venture on to the unknown roads for exploring promoting offbeat and hidden places. What started just as a curiosity about not so known spots, has now turned into a full-blown passion. Be it trekking on unknown paths or driving on non-existent roads, there has been no stopping since he took the first step towards offbeat explorations...

Through his blogs he campaigns for preserving our rich legacy and environment conservation. We owe this earth to our future generations.

He is a Management Graduate from IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade), Mechanical Engineer from AMU and a certified Carbon Capture professional from University of Edinburgh.

Raghav Verma

To me, travelling is bliss, and the purpose is to break the monotony, generated through usual daily routine, and get the much needed relaxation and motivation to continue the professional life with ease. When I see new offbeat places, I get fresh air and positivity, which ultimately triggers the desire to keep earning and keep travelling to such beautiful places. In our busy lives these days, travelling is the best way to rejuvenate the inner soul and keep ourselves positive and happy. Raghav is a Software Engineer, by profession...


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