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I would love to be a part of anything to everything related to travelling. Opportunities we would love to explore:

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  2. Destination reviews...
  3. Making use of this blog for Destination promotions/ Resort reviews...
  4. Exclusive rights for any article published here for publication in magazines/ journals...
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    and Associating with State / International tourism promotion boards.
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    1. Should have travelled to the place.
    2. You should have the ownership of the pictures.
    3. Article shall be composed in MS-Word and pictures shall be included in the text of article. 
    4. Mention information like: How to reach the place, nearest railway station, best time to visit.
    5. Include your contact details in the sent article. Your stories will be published under your name and link to your Facebook profile.

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  1. Gaurav, its indeed a great pleasure to read about your various visits esp. to a place which is not visited and considered to be tourist spot. Its really well covered and scripted in a way so that it can inspire those people including myself to visit such places. ~ Rohit Chaturvedi

    1. Thanks Rohit for dropping by and posting this motivating stuff. What started as a hobby is quickly turning into full blown passion. Its your comments which keep me going...
      I look forward to see you again and promise interesting stuff evrytime you click on my blog...

  2. wow your blog is got talent on travel writing. keep it up...

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