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Heaven called "SIKKIM"

This was one of the most adventurous trips of my life. I hope you will also enjoy as much as I did. To start with I will advise let the child inside you come out and you will find....

"Sikkim is sheer magic”.

This is not just the most beautiful place in the world but cleanest and safest too. Misty skies, mountains, and colourful butterflies, coupled with unique culture and natural landscape, Sikkim is a picture of perfection and pristine purity. Nestled in the Himalayas and endowed with exceptional natural beauty, Sikkim is a hotspot of biodiversity and development. Though small, yet Sikkim has been identified world over as an important repository of germplasms of unknown dimensions. Perhaps, there is no part of the world, which offers more spectacular panorama with every turn of the road as Sikkim.

With a thrilling and ecstatic mood, we started from Kolkata in one fine October night (Buses ply regularly from Esplanade). It took 13 hours of bus journey to reach Silliguri at around 3 PM next day. Tea estates and light rains welcomed us, aura was simply overwhelming, and we were smelling TEA in the atmosphere. We hired a cab for Gangtok, which took 4.5 hours coupled with some great experiences of our lives. It was 8 in night when we reached our hotel, by the time Gangtok was chilling and we were with our spirits only to counter the cold coz we were without WARM CLOTHES. After dinner we were soon venturing out on the streets of Gangtok and were restrained only by unwelcomed rains. It rains without notice in Sikkim. We finally went to sleep with a dream of surrounding Himalayas and an impatient soul restlessly waiting the night to pass.


DAY 2: What a morning that was, clouds under our feet!!!



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