Bhangarh - Trail of 2 Ghosthunters

Bhangarh - The most haunted place on this Earth. Internet is flooded with the stories and legends about Bhangarh, which are too interesting to resist.

I got too much tempted to see this place. All the stories about this place motivated me to the extent that I was expecting to shake hands with the "Ghosts of Bhangarh" and I was looking forward to pull the curtains from the "Mystery of Bhangarh". 

One fine Saturday, we started our adventure at 7:00AM from Delhi to Bhangarh. If it was the indication of the things to come, one of my friends who has confirmed to be a part of Ghost Hunting trip, changed his mind at the last moment, that is only 15 minutes before. Well, this didn't dampen our spirits. Unfazed and Undaunted, we continued our voyage with high spirits.

Though the route was unfamiliar, but as I always say "Good Travellers never plan in advance". We had escaped the traffic of Delhi and were enjoying the cruising on NH-8. Left turn from Shahpura took us into the dominion of Aravallis mountains. Sailing through the gorges and mountainous roads, we were celebrating the drive of our lives. Steep incline and acute descents will be enough to keep a delicate balance between thrill and caution. Do not miss a steep right turn from Thanagaji.

There are no Petrol Pumps after Thanagaji till Bhangarh, so drivers please ensure you do not run out of gasoline. Road after Thanagaji used to be pretty narrow, when I first visited Bhangarh in 2010. However, the Rocky Terrain, mountains, Red Sands and colourful heritage of Rajasthan will set your spirits and enthusiasm rolling for the adventure ahead. This is the road to Bhangarh (Year 2018) -
This was the road in 2010 - 

Road to Bhangarh is fairly straight, but it is better to ask the locales whenever in doubt. Locales are very friendly and are always willing to go an extra yard to help the visitors. 
30 Km. of entertaining drive took us to Ajabgarh. Ajabgarh shares the same time frame in history as of Bhangarh. There are a number of houses at Ajabgarh, which were built centuries ago, most of them are deserted now.
These houses look scary at daytime. There is also a fort on the hills which is deserted and in very bad condition. I am sure at night deserted houses and the submerged fort can give heart attacks to even most of the Lion hearts.

Another 10 Km. separated us from the legendary. In the way we, we had to cross a road overflowing with water. Check out:
Even this was not enough to stop our charge. We were scared for a moment seeing high flow rate, but "Darr ke aagey Jeet hai".
It took us 274 Km. and around 7 hours of adventure filled travel time to reach the fantasyland.

That's the entrance, no doubt hospitality has been benchmarked by India:

As soon as we set out foot in the Bhangarh site, we started looking out for the highly acclaimed blue board by ASI, which strictly prohibits entry to Bhangarh after Sunset and before Sunrise. Finally, we were at the legendary sign board. The entry to the site is prohibited after 6:00 PM.

There are a few stories behind the present state of this fort, however the elderlies in this area agree to the curse by a magician who had developed a liking for royal princess.

Once a servant of the princess was buying oil in the market, the magician saw this and put a charm on the oil. However, princess was also a magician, came to know this and decoded the charm and threw the bottle on a nearby mountain. The oil bottle got transformed into a rock and killed the magician with its impact on his head. Magician before dying put a curse that everyone in this kingdom will die in a night and their souls will never leave this place. It is believed that all souls come down into the fort area at night. It is natural human psychology to associate ourselves with the history, no doubt even blowing winds looks like work of the ghosts.

There are no Ghostly appearing structures, but a magnificent Palace called as "Bhangarh Fort". The remains are informative enough to take you on to a mesmerizing journey, down the memory lane. If we go back in the history lane, we will find that entrance to all the major cities in India started with the market. Same trend has been followed in Bhangarh too, one if felicitated by beautifully placed shops on both sides of the walking street. I am also trying to explore the charisma of those times and how they would have marketed from the shops.


The Bhangarh fort has been constructed in a way that it is surrounded by hills on 3 sides. What a marvellous exhibition of architectural acumen. Hats off to all The Engineers, Architects and Project Management guys of that time.

And this is how the Fort looks in scorching heat, when the area goes arid and dry.
The construction expertise displayed in those times; I am sure will be very difficult to replicate even in today's time. At the centre of the Fort premises, The Gopinath Mandir (temple) still stands tall in the center on Fort premises. Exquisite carvings of the temple speak about the glorious past of this place.

Looks like it is still holding its fort bravely or guarding the place amidst the ruins. However, in reality temple looks lonely and sad at heart by seeing its friends (Fort, palace, markets, and gardens) slowly dying and drifting away. The temple must have committed to the architect that whatsoever happens; I will not leave this place. Looks like it is still keeping its words of staying till the end. Don't feel yourself desolated; this vagabond will keep on coming back to give you company. Till date have been twice to this place.

It is our duty to preserve this grand heritage and memories of our ancestors intact and in its full glory. After temple we decided to go upstairs and take an aerial view of this place. Each step on the stairs was taking us close the glorious past of this place, and the rich history of our great country. Beauty and magnificence have been spread all over this place. Well-crafted palaces, artistically placed gardens. Check out yourself:

To summarize Bhangarh -550 Km. and 15 hours drive in a day, someone has rightly said "Moments makes live a worthwhile". That's our moment....on the top of the fort, it can't get better...Standing on the terrace of the Palace the vast expanse of the fort looks like INVINCIBLE. It has four gates - Lahori Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Phulbari Gate and Delhi Gate. However now it looks that life has come to a standstill in this area.

Bhangarh is an interesting place, and the drive is equally enriching. So, guys take out a day off from your hectic schedules and get set go on a stimulating trip to Bhangarh. Sit there and try to unravel some of the mysteries associated with this place:

However, our plans were quashed by Archaeological Survey of India, which prohibits staying inside the fort area after sunset and before sunrise. Locals say whoever has tried to stay inside after sunset was never found. Like other non-existent tourists, we also had to leave the place before sunset with many questions remaining still unanswered in our minds.


The daytime is sufficient to reconnect with the glorious past of this place, you should not have any doubts to visit this Fort, if still don't hesitate to contact me.

If you do not want to return so quickly, you can drive till:

1.     Chand Bawdi which is around 60 km. from this place, via Dausa district (NH11) or 42 Km. via Bandikui.

2.     Ancient Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir, around 35 km. from the Fort

Other than Bhangarh, abandoned Kuldhara village near to Jaisalmer is also worth visiting for all ghostbusters. 

Keep exploring Folks.

Gaurav Verma

A passionate Traveler who wants to see the whole world before hanging his boots. Always ready to explore offbeat and hidden spots. MBA + Engineer from Ivy league colleges, Gaurav is much sought after for his choice of lifestyle activities and Brand promotional campaigns.


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  1. I remember the time when we were thinking that we might end up seeing neemrana & nearby places due to scarcity of time..but Iam glad that we made it to the BHANGARH-"such a magnificent and historical place"..effects of the photos are unbelievable..i will never forget in my entire life that i listened H.C 12 times..ha ha ha...

  2. amazing places
    want to be there too..

  3. The houses you showed as located in Ajabgarh which look "scary" in the daytime, look amazing to me :) I love abandoned buildings! You have some great shots of scenery and landscapes, I look forward to seeing what more you have to show on your blog in the future!

    Thank you.

  4. its day time !
    go there at night dude nd prove the rumors wrong!

  5. Best part-details aided by images.
    Good work.

    Also, I'm pretty sure it's a myth but I heard that Bhangarh is not a safe place to go for girls. It would be great if you could shed some light on that.

    1. @Raktima Saxena......gud todays world girls r no les than boys....its equaly risky for girls and boys!!!!!

    2. Good Morning...our destiny is a matter of our choice.

      You are right girls are no less than boys, honestly I do believe that girls are better than boys. Tell me have you been to Bhangarh, if yes than share your experiences too..

  6. @Raktima :)...hello u can go there its a very beautiful place and its safe well till 6 pm :P..I went there on a college trip..n I was in a girl's college ;) don't worry its safe ... And after reading this post I want to go ajabgadh bhangadh again wid family..:):):) its such quiet n awesome place

  7. If you claim yourself so brave why didn't you spend the night there? beside you went there with someone else who had taken your photographs. so, neither you went there alone nor you visited that place @ night. so i have doubt in your credibility.

  8. Come on,let them reveal the mistery.someone like ghost busters.but believe it ........the darkness has many hidden secrets.......night itself is a ?....andhera apne mien ek razz hei......we never see the things which r there in one knows wats there.

  9. well, what to say about Bhangarh. I've heard some odd things about this place. All these stories leave me with immense anxiety to know more about this place. If u guys really have an experience to share den go on I'd love to read them. WAITING FOR YOUR REPLIES!

    1. Hello Francois,
      This place is not the regular out of the mill tourism spot. You have to go there to believe, the way I did. I had the same anxieties like you before I actually went there. Experience of seeing lives in villages and knowing the customs is amazing. If I can do anything more to motivate you, I would love to...

  10. Well, I too had visited the place & believe me, I along with my friends reached around 2:30 in the morning. But, the guards won't allow till the morning. We planned to spend the remaining time by chilling outside the fort, which i believe was more horrifying than the actual bhangarh instead...

  11. Hey friend, Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Same happened with me too. I wanted to stay at the fort premises after dawn, but the security did not allowed to stand even for a second. and you are absolutely right, driving back at 6:00 PM was more horrifying...
    Looks like mystery is still unsolved...
    Share your other experiences too..

  12. I was expecting an encounter with a ghost there. :(
    I burnt the groundnuts on my stove that were meant to lightly roasted reading your post till the last line hoping for a ghost.

    1. Thanks Indrani for such a wonderful review...
      Well hand shaking with a ghost was the target. But at sharp 5:00 PM many ghosts (policemen) entered the fort and made everyone leave the premises...
      But no worries, there is always a second round, as Mr. Rocky says..

  13. Quite a place. Haunted indeed. Great post.

    1. The place gives a strange feeling, when you ask for the way to Bhangarh and the locales give strange expressions. They walk away as if they do not want anyone to visit the Fort...
      Got to know that elderlies in Rajasthan prescribe Bhangarh to anyone who wants to see Ghosts..
      Nonetheless a place to explore...

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