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That was the time when I was enjoying every moment of trekking in the snow-capped peaks of Suraksan mountains in South Korea. Excitement of the solo trekking continued even on my return. While I was about to call it a day, I noticed something strange about the passport.

It was the time to go into the flashback. To avoid any accidental slipping of passport while trekking, the passport was securely placed in the front pocket of my woolen shirt and there were layers of more warm clothing wrapped around to withstand temperatures up to -160C. Due to rigors of the trekking the heat generated inside the layers of warm clothing, the lamination of the passport had peeled away from the first and last pages of the passport.

All of a sudden, the excitement has turned into a probable matter of concern. While returning from South Korea I had to offer unending rounds of explanation at Thailand and New Delhi Airport about my unusual looking passport. Check out the unusual passport:

Thankfully VISA page was intact. Somehow immigration officials got convinced by my innocence and I was able to return to my home safely.

Looking back at this incident I was analyzing on what I could have done to avoid such a situation. It is pretty obvious and natural that in order to keep identity documents safe we prefer to stuff these inside our pockets. Stuffing in the pockets ensures that we can always feel that passport or other documents are still inside our pockets.

After deliberating on the passport issue, I realized that if I had suitable passport holder…???

On realization, I started searching for some suitable passport holder. After spending lot of hours on n number of online sites, I finally came across a passport holder by Urby. Received the passport holder well placed inside a canvas drawstring pouch and within 2 days of ordering. That is lightning-fast delivery, probably the best I ever had for any online ordering.

Keeping documents well secured is utmost priority, those who have lost passport in foreign lands know the trauma of it. Beautifully designed and well stitched, Urby passport holder is sleek with elegant and premium feel to the user. Premium croc embossed leather with your name printed on the front and soft leather interiors, it is an ideal accessory to suit your personal style and carry all your necessary documents at one place.

Also, at times while in India or abroad you need to carry a number of documents likewise driving license/ foreign exchange card and some currency notes as well. The space offered by this passport holder is sufficient to carry all the requirements for a hassle-free travel at one place.

  • 3 quick access card slots for credit/ currency cards/ identity documents
  • A slot at the bottom side can be utilised for visiting cards. Can engage in some unexpected business activity while on the travel.
  • There is an open section and a back slot to carry few currency notes/ travel tickets/ inland travel permits or some coins. 

(Return journey (To and Fro) highway toll tickets generally tend to get misplaced when kept inside the car and stored in wallets or travel bags).


With dimensions of 13.5 cm (L) x 9.5 cm (W) x 0.2 cm (H) it can comfortably be placed inside your pocket. Found it pretty useful and in the last few days have tried to use it as a replacement for my regular wallet as well.

Urby Passport Holder is an ideal companion for your styling exploration. When not travelling, the canvas pouch will take care of your passport holder. Please take care of your documents as losing any of them can make a big dent in your trip plans.

Forgot to mention that I was advised by immigration people to get a new passport in order to avoid any unexpected experience in future. So, I had to get a new passport. Now I am well prepared for next such outing, like Suraksan...

Gaurav Verma

A passionate Traveler who wants to see the whole world before hanging his boots. Always ready to explore offbeat and hidden spots. MBA + Engineer from Ivy league colleges, Gaurav is much sought after for his choice of lifestyle activities and Brand promotional campaigns.


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  1. I think anybody travelling in very low temperatures should carry a passport holder with themselves! Its easy and convienient, thank you so much for the suggestion!

    1. Actually Yes, it is very much required if you are travelling to low temperatures place.
      Its just, I learnt it the hard way in Korea. Thereafter a passport holder has been a non-negotiable accessory.

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