To Seoul Tower...

Filled with energies I started at 3 PM for Seoul Tower, the main landmark of the Seoul City.

It turned out to be much nearer than our expectations with only 2 stations; Chungmuro and Myeong-dong (Stop no. 423, Line No. 4) separating us from the Seoul Tower. Coming out from EXIT NO. 3, Seoul Tower was on our left hand side, the majestic presence of Tower can be seen and felt. One of the very few occasions, when we were saved from the asking directions.

We started our charge to the tower with the high spirits, the steep slope looked like challenging us - We were more than ready to accept anything. From Namsan one can take the cable car to the top of Seoul Tower, but trekking is trekking; amazing in itself and good for health too.

What a view it was, the towering presence of the Tower was challenging to come..come..come..quickly. The strikingly carved out steps and way presented a pictursque panaorama, reminiscent of an artist brush.  Traces of snow in the way perfectly provided the icicng on the cake. no doubt from kids to olders, everyone was having a great time in reaching to the top.

Travellers never think, they are foreigners. I too made a few friends in I look like a foreigner.

View from the top is what makes a journey of 100 steps so exhilarating. We started to cover the steps, one at a time. We were sweating, for the first time in Seoul and we were enjoying. You will find all amenities in the way, its a long way to go you even can have some workout to to build the required strength strength, which will propel you to the top.

I am at the top..Deja Vu...!!!
If you expect Seoul Tower to be just a tower, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. The place had a Teddy Bear Museum, variety filled restaurants, number of artists to paint you and a comparison in heights of highest towers of the world. The Fairy Land has several exhibits with Disneyland-like robots depicting famous fairy tales and children's stories.

Isn't it a nice place...???? On the extreme left is a real kid, confused - who is being photographed..??

The Global Village Folk Museum display products and handicrafts from around the world. the World Musical & Animal Land has life-sized robots similar to Fairy Land, depicting animals from around the world in a musical band. There is everything for everyone; from kids to elderlies adn from singles to love birds and couples.

And the most striking was the number of locks on the railings, at first we did realised what they were for. As the famous saying distance makes the difference - the locks are for "Nothing says love like a lock put on a chain link fence and throwing away the key. Er. Isn’t that some people’s concept of marriage." You know what I mean...lovey dovey...
Well....they sell locks in the gift shop for you to personalize and lock onto a fence for decoration, great idea!

A coin has 2 sides, such love filled locking gesture also has one disadvantage side - “As the number of locks increased, almost all the fences are filled with them, it is hardly possible for children to enjoy the surrounding view. When these children will grow up they will surely complain about lack of fences to put their locks. Any Parents listening...???

Some stuff for the knowledge accumulators too - the comparison of highest towers on this earth. Look how watchfully Sanjeev is upgrading his knowledge base...
The place was enchanting to the extent of assimilating into the flowing energies or let the place take over us...

Coming down takes less time, but they say coming down is far difficult than going up. Child is the father of man, Some were Kids were devising their own innovative ways to come down the  steps. This sweet kid was jumping one step at a time to come down...

The best to know about a place is by foot. Following the same, we decided to test our feet for the return journey. Keep a map of subway, you will never get lost in Seoul. Shops were lightening the streets, the most spectacular were the pet shops. The cute small dogs, puppies were waiting for their owners in beautifully carved enclosures, which reminded us of jewellery shops.

By the time we returned to our hotel, out stomachs were already asking their due. This night I am gonna have a hefty dinner.

Nice place to rejuvenate, unleash your energies, a must for every traveller to Seoul to see it..
(Built on a 262 meter peak in Namsan Park, the tower reaches to 480 meters above sea level. When the weather and pollution levels cooperate, visiting the observation tower (370 meters above sea level) allows you to view the entire city and surrounding areas.)

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