Dandeshwar Temple, Jageshwar Dham - Almora

Dandeshwar temple is where Lord Shiva stays with a staff and protects the region. Dandeshwar Shiv temple complex (दंडेश्वर मंदिर समूह) is situated slightly upstream, 1.9 km. from the Jageshwar temple complex and can be easily reached on foot from Jageshwar Dham. Jageshwar is a small pilgrimage town in Almora district, Uttarakhand. Lord Shiva resides in Jageshwar in form of Jyotirlinga, so Jageshwar is also popularly called as “Jageshwar Dham”, residence of Lord Shiva.

Temples at Jageshwar Dham are considered to be dated back to 9th - 13th Century and are being preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Out of all the temples in the Jageshwar Dham, Dandeshwar Temple is the biggest temple structure. Dandeshwar temple complex is being restored by ASI, and the condition of the temples has been improving gradually.

Last day of our stay at Jageshwar was solely dedicated to explore numerous nearby temples to Jageshwar main temples complex. After Vridh Jageshwar temple and Jhanker Sam temple, we started on a cosy walk alongside the flowing water stream to enjoy the Dandeshwar temple. Occasionally we were also enjoying going down to the river bed. Word Dandeshwar is formed by coupling of Dand "Staff" and Eshwar "The God". In line with the meaning of staff; the Dandeshwar temple is so tall that you may risk a camp in your neck. It is believed that Lord Shiva resides in this temple with a staff and keep a guard over this region.

The stone lingam or the deity here is a natural uncut rock, which follows the local custom of worshipping the Gods in their natural divine form. There are some precision carvings also on the top of the dome. The level of symmetry gives a feel that whole structure was assembled and then crafted together in one go unlike normal practice of carving the stones and then assembling together.

There are several small temples in the premises to ensure some interesting memories in lieu of valuable moments spent at Dandeshwar.

Bifurcated by a river stream flowing underneath the temple, the premises also present a beautiful scenic vista to the travelers.
Come here early morning to cherish the beautiful foggy appearance of this temple complex.

Situated at a distance of 36 km. from Almora town, in Kumaun region, temple town of Jageshwar consists of more than 500 small and large stone temples, spread across the town and on the flanking hills.

Simple yet elegant structures of these temples in the laps of mother nature along with some quiet moments will make up for a lifetime of memories. Dandeshwar temple can be easily reached by walk from Jageshwar Dham. Lets check the 360 degree view of the Dandeshwar Temple

This was our last day of stay at Jageshwar Dham and next day was return back to Delhi. But we had to discover the Katarmal Sun Temple hidden in Almora Valleys. Return journey to Kathgodam still had excitement of discovering yet another offbeat destination.

Never knew Almora district has so many attractions to explore. Keep travelling Guys...

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  1. This temple has a unique architecture! Beautiful captures... :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by...
      Exceptionally calm and beautiful ambience; at times it feels to stay here forever..

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