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Ahobilam, a noted pilgrimage centre for Hindus, is situated at distance of around 130 km. from Kurnool Railway Station, 68 Kms from the Nandyal Railway Station and 24 km. from Allagadda.

Ahobilam, consists of lower Ahobilam and Upper Ahobilam, is the place where Lord Narasimha had manifested himself in a natural cavern of rock to rip apart the most ferocious demon Hiranyakashipu.

Involving some serious trekking all the way from lower Ahobilam to the highest point of the mountain, Ugra Stambha, it requires both devotion and strength to cover all the nine temples, which depicts Nava Narasimha (Nine forms of Narasimha).

1.     Ugra (Angry)

2.     Vira (Fighting)

3.     Maha - Vishnu (Lakshmi Narasimha)

4.     Jwalanta (emitting flames of fire)

5.     Sarvotamukham (with several faces)

6.     Nrisimha (Ordinary Narasimha)

7.     Bisanam (fightful)

8.     Bhadram (adorable)

9.     Mrityor - Mrity (the killer of death)

First in the stretch - Lower Ahobilam. There is a temple of Prahlada varada i.e., the aspect of Lord Narasimha as blessing Prahlada in the village of Lower Ahobilam, which is also known as Chinna-Ahobilam and Diguva-Tirupati.

You will be awestruck by the huge and beautiful piece of architectures in the temple.

If you get a chance, then do attend the aarti in the temple premises. Various classical instruments are played rhythmically by the old priests, with utter devotion, to please the Narasimha Lord.


Post taking blessings from Lower Ahobilam temple, head for Upper Ahobilam, there is a road of eight Kilometres from Lower Ahobilam right up to foot of the hill of Upper Ahobilam, situated on a plateau.


The Lord of Upper Ahobilam temple is known as Ahobelesvara. It is firmly believed that the God had manifested himself in a natural cavern of the rock and is one of the 108 "Divya Tirthas" (sacred places) of India.

You are ready to start your trek from Upper Ahobilam on wards, grab the stick from here and you are set to go.

If you are trekking in rainy season, then the trek becomes little easy and less tiring as you will keep refreshing by the water flowing down through-out the trek. 
Throughout the trek, there are beautiful small temples, which have their own stories. Ask the local priests and they will tell the interesting pastimes played by Lord with Prahlad...

This is the way to Jwala Narasimha temple, we have to pass through the waterfall, where it feels like sitting there under the water for hours…
There is a small water reservoir near the Jwala Narasimha temple, the local priests and devotees say that when Lord Narasimha killed the demon Hirnakashyapu, the Lord washed the hands in this reservoir and because of this the water still looks little reddish and red taints are there on the rocks as well.
From this place, the Ugra Stambha, highest point in the ranges, is visible. Trek to Ugra Stambha looks like almost a vertical line and it is indeed very challenging. If you are lacking courage and energy, it is recommended to take a local guide along-with. If not you should reach this temple, opposite to Upper Ahobilam...

At a distance of about 8 Km from Upper Ahobilam temple, Ugra Stambham is the place where Lord appeared in the form of Narasimha and the cleft is known as 'UGRA STAMBHAM'.

The Ahobilam trek is complete here at this point. Key Recommendation:

1.      Good to cover the highest point, Ugra Stambham, first and then visit rest of the temples while descending.

2.      Take at least two days with you to cover all the places in Ahobilam.

3.      Keep yourself hydrated while trekking.

Ahobilam is one of the amazing trekking destinations near Chennai, Pune. All you need is a long weekend. Happy Trekking!!!

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  1. Thank you Sir for dropping by. Glad that you liked this pace.
    Ahobilam is a fantastic place dedicated to Lord Narasimha. Not possible to describe the entire beauty and thrill in a short blog, so must visit Ahobilam...

  2. I wish i was also there but you explained the whole event in such a beautiful way that it feels as if i was there in real.

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