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Urby Mens Wallet - Your Style, Your Choice

“You are entirely up to you”.
Your walk, your watch and your pen which you use outline the first impression about your personality. Rightly pointed out that your personality is the mirror where others see your image. Wait a minute, I forgot about the most important one, "YOUR WALLET" – the source of all other style statement items.
Your choice of wallet speaks a lot about you: that can be represented through a variety of options including card cases, bi-folds, phone/travel wallets, and/or money clips. Time to put your money where your money belongs, with due respect it deserves.

Was thinking of such kind of distinct wallet for some time. Finally got this Carnelian Red Mens wallet. I was travelling at the time when this wallet was delivered at my home. When my father received this wallet, he got a bit confused and called me to inform that I have received something very expensive! Full marks to the packing.

With your name embossed, it is an ideal style companion to be carried around. Pleasing mix of Golden embossing on Carnelian Red is enticing and eye-catching. In case you like to have your name printed in any other colour, option of personalization is also there. Not just pleasing look, the quality leather is soft to touch and gives a premium feel to your wallet, which it duly deserves.

Have been using the fully loaded wallet for more than a couple of weeks, there have been ZERO crumble impression anywhere on the wallet. Despite being fully loaded with your cards, the wallet does not give a bulky feeling and can be comfortably placed in your hip pocket as well. The wallet isn't just pretty but has been crafted out of top grain leather. It is a quality product that will last.

Despite a slim look, the wallet has ample slots for your cards, payment receipts/ bills and necessary identity documents. Zipper slot for coins is a welcome addition to prevent any accidental rolling of coins.

Many wallets look amazing from outside, but the quality of internal fabric at times do not match up with the external extravaganza. With due time, card slots gets overlapped as the internal fabric has given away or the stitching has called it a day much before your expectations. However, the interiors of this Carnelian Red wallet have been ideally supported by rich satin fabric, which not only gives interior a premium feel but well compliments with the outer finishing of this wallet.

From external and from inside the wallet is very well made. With sturdy stitching and absolutely no loose threads, the product is living up to the high standards of quality. Having used myself, I am convinced that the quality wallets from Urby will surely last for years unless if you don’t throw them in the fire or drop them out of a plane. Wallet specifications as follows:
  • Dimensions: “11.2 cm x 9.7 cm” – Easy to fit inside your pocket
  • 1 main slot for cash and other documents
  • 6 easy-access card slots
  • 3 slip in pockets for cards/ bills
  • Zip slot for coins and more
  • Rich dual tone poly satin interior for slim finish
  • Comes encased in a drawstring bag for protection
At times, the product on many online websites do not match with the actual delivered product. However, in case of this Urby Wallet, the product in fact looks better than the images posted on their website. With this level of honest commitment to quality, perhaps Urby will surely receive the best publicity, that is “The Word of Mouth”.
Personalized Men’s leather wallet, Engraved leather wallet is the perfect Men’s gift. Printed with the name of your choice, this customized wallet will be displayed with pride for years to come. Great gift for Groomsmen, Friends, Husbands and Fathers alike.
Not only for Men, Urby stocks some fantastic collection of wallets for Women as well. May be you can think of surprising your Mom, your sister, your better half or your girlfriend as well.
Urby is a direct to customer, lifestyle and accessories brand. Urby designs and manufactures essentials for an urban lifestyle using the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship. I will recommend to check their website ( for awesome "Made in India" products.
Thank you Urby for this wonderful wallet. Views expressed in this article are my own.


24 hours in Bikaner

A quick escape to the warmth of Rajasthan is just what you need this winter

The colours and charm of Rajasthan never fail to enchant you. Whenever the coldness of city life starts dampening your spirit, heading to a place that welcomes you with open arms should not need much convincing.

The pleasant warmth of Bikaner meaning an escape from the Capital's chill, coupled with the long overdue visit to Karni Mata temple, made sure no moment was wasted in planning the one-day trip. Though 24 hours could have never been enough to appreciate the beauty, history and food of a place like Bikaner, making the best of what you have always holds you in good stead. The overnight journeys help you save a lot of time.

After landing at Bikaner Junction early morning, waste no time in trying to relax or grab a fancy breakfast. Let the kachoris wait for some time. When short on time, it's always advisable to check into a hotel near the station save some time in case you decide to stretch you sightseeing by those crucial 30 minutes.
The fifth largest city of Rajasthan not only boasts of spectacular architecture in its forts, but its sand dunes and colourful attire of people also instantly fills the heart with joy. And, once you have overcome your fear of rats, howsoever hard the task might be for some, you can actually spare a few moments appreciating the design, the activities around and the peaceful co-existence of man and the mammal at the Karni Mata temple.
The state of awe gets a further kick when you take in the whole Junagarh Fort at one sight. The interiors, the carving and the artwork, royal weapons, clothes and more make you marvel at the richness of the land and their royals, many wishing if they could live the same like even if for  a moment.
Yes, you can.

With Lalgarh Palace and Laxmi Niwas Palace having been turned into hotels, you can indulge in an evening of entertainment just like the royals. After enjoying a session of cultural dance and music, you can roam around the place and then sit for a lavish dinner. After delightfully adding to your appetite with creamy kebabs, laal maas, chicken in cashewnut gravy, gatte ki sabzi, kair sangri, papad ki sabzi, daal-baati-churma, baajre ki roti, missi roti, raita and rasgulla more than satisfy your stomach and soul. And, you leave promising yourself that you need to be back here for more, quite soon. Perhaps with more time in hand.

Plan your journey 
11:35PM - Delhi Sarai Rohilla (DEE)
12457 DEE BKN Superfast Express runs daily. It takes 8 hours to complete the 458-km journey.
7:30 AM - Bikaner Junction (BKN)
We reached 10 minutes early. It's best to stay in a nearby hotel, freshen up, grab a quick bite and head to Nagnechi temple.
11:00AM - Karni Mata
After visiting the temple, indulge in tasty Rajasthani delicacies at nearby food stalls. Make a quick trip to Nehriji and head back to Bikaner to gorge on Poori-Aloo and amazing desserts at Chotu Motu Joshi.
4:00 PM - Junagarh fort
Keep at least 3 hours for the fort and the museum. After a quick stop at the market at Bikanervala shop for Bikaneri Bhujia, visit Lalgarh Palace, which houses the Bikaner royal family. In the same campus is Laxmi Niwas Palace. Order the Rajasthani thali for a soul-satisfying experience.
10:20 PM - Bikaner Jn
You can take 12458 BKN DEE Superfast Express and reach Delhi at 6:10am.

serve your next weekend for this new exotic weekend getaway from Delhi? In case you have some more time, Bikaner is ideally located, approx. 300 km. each from wonderful destinations of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Instead of train to Delhi, you have choice to board: 
22:05, 16588 BKN YPR EXPRESS to Jodhpur (JU) or
23:15, 12468 LEELAN Express to Jaisalmer (JSM)

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