Book review: Super Women, Super Couples

Prachi Garg sheds light on success stories from round the corner.

In life there is so much inspiration around that sometimes in quest for a big one we often ignore the nearby smaller ones. After all not every inspiration needs to be the ultimate rags-to-riches story. Be it the 20 women entrepreneurs of Super Women or the 19 couples of Super Couples, Prachi Garg successfully brings the lesser-known success stories of entrepreneurial innovations and brilliance.
In the former, if some stories are about pure business acumen at display, some talk about women who successfully merged a social cause with their respective careers. Their ventures range from empowering rural artisans, providing online counselling to depressed and more, supporting victims of acid attacks, skin care solutions, making lingerie shopping easier for women, image consulting, house hunting to making religious ceremonies simpler.
The author not only tracks these women’s successes but also effectively dwells into the road before. Like a friend’s depression inspiring Richa Singh to lend an ear to all those going through tough times with her enterprise – Your D.O.S.T. Then there is Richa Kar who helped women by making lingerie shopping an enjoyable experience with her online retail store – Zivame, rather than a taxing or taboo one in many cases. While for some of these women, support and motivation from people in their lives came logically, some, obviously and expectedly, had to prove themselves to many raised eyebrows and doubting mouths and minds.
Written in simple and familiar newspaper article or feature style, with quotes from the subject, this 150-page book clearly shows how a dream, irrespective of its size, is the only thing you need to kick-start something fabulous in life. It is, however, when you reach a para claiming the person concerned is from ‘one if the best institutes of the country’, your curious mind automatically wants to know which one, something the second book also does to you sometimes.
Prachi’s Super Couples, gives us sneak-peek into the lives of people coming from different backgrounds to defy the age-old yet questionable wisdom of ‘don’t mix personal life and work’. These couple have not only shown to have brought out the best in each other, but it seems that the struggles that went through together en route to establishing their businesses. Their enterprises providing services in ecommerce, innovative gifts, eco-friendly products, health care solutions, social responsibility ventures, event management, digital solutions and many others, are also stories in love, sticking by each other’s side through thick and thin, mutual and individual goals, hardships and achievements.
Be it Meenakshi and Jey literally painting the towns red (travelling across the country to paint their message of love and peace), Smriti-Sameer selling flowers across the country or Mudhurita and Yuvraj doing their bit to help animals, these couples chose to go the unconventional way and become more of soul mates than they could have been otherwise.
Super Women
Paperback, 192 pages
Srishti Publishers & Distributors
₹ 175
Super Couples
Paperback, 168 pages
Srishti Publishers & Distributors
₹ 195

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