Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra

Where you will find the Gods, where is the heaven? 

Simple answer, please visit Hindu temples. And if you want to enjoy a walk with the Gods alongside, please come to Brahma Sarovar (Pond) at Kurukshetra.

Legend says the Sarovar was created by none other than Lord Brahma. After performing a huge Yagya (ritual) here, Lord Brahma went on to create the universe from the sacred land of Kurukshetra. Cradle of civilization, Brahma Sarovar is breathtakingly picturesque and the most visited site in Kurukshetra.  


This ancient pond was subsequently renovated and now it is considered as one of the largest man-made ponds in Asia. Millions of devotees visit here during Solar Eclipse to take a dip in the sacred waters of Brahma Sarovar.

In the middle of the Sarovar there is Sarveshwar Mahadev temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Lord Garuda, the vehicle to Lord Vishnu.

Generally, a walk around the Sarovar, visit to temple and clicking some pictures will take around 60 minutes to finish the visit. However, even one day can be worth spending here. There are 147 sculptures depicting various events/ episodes from our rich heritage. 

  • King Nahush (cursed as Serpent by sage Agastya) dialogue with Yudhishther, after Bheema was captured by Nahush - King Nahush was liberated from the curse after this dialogue.
  • Goddess Saraswati adopting king Matinara as husband - 
  • Pururva Urvashi Dialogue: After wandering, King Pururva found his wife Urvashi at this Sarovar. This dialogue is recognised as the most ancient dialogue found in Vedic literature.  
  • Ghatotkach killing Alambush during Mahabharata war-
  • Sund Upsund Fight - The 2 demon brothers got boon from Lord Brahma not to be killed by anyone else except each other. Both brothers fought with each other for a beautiful woman (named Tilottama, created by Vishvakarma) and eventually killed each other

If the coming generation is left unaware about our rich heritage, we have to blame ourselves only. It is also believed that Draupadi washed her hairs in this Sarovar after Bheema had killed Dushashana. Walking around these carvings and reading the descriptions is no less than taking a walk down the heritage lane. And while walking around the premises do not miss the beautifully painted roads:

Other than above, the Sarovar premises consists of a giant black stone chariot of Lord Krishna and Arjuna

Temple dedicated to Goddess Katyayani, which is also the spot of evening prayers. At this temple students learn about ancient knowledge of Vedas.

Ancient Water Well dedicated to Queen Draupadi, water of this well turns milky during full moon nights and has divine curing properties.

Visitors love to spend time here watching the sunset with its reddish-golden reflection in water.

Here half a day can be easily passsed going around the Brahma Sarovar. However evening is still there, when the tranquil waters of the Brahma Sarovar get ready to be worshipped by the devotees. 

The Brahma Sarovar is worshiped twice a day, at sunrise and sunset. Make sure you attend the evening Aarti (Prayer), which starts around 5:45 PM.

On any solar eclipse millions of people visit here for taking a dip in its holy waters to pray to Sun God. It is believed that this ritual gives you blessings as you get by performing 1000 Ashvamedh Yajna. Brahma Sarovar also hosts Geeta Jayanti celebrations every year, which is a seven-day festival, to celebrate the birth of Bhagavad Geeta. Exhibitions, Dance performances and other activities are organised and artisans from far off places put stalls to show case local handicrafts during this weeklong festival. 

Brahma Sarovar is 3600 ft long, 1500 ft broad, 45 ft deep and has a perimeter of 3.4 km. With its huge size, no doubt the Sarovar is well equipped to handle millions of devotees who visit to take a dip in the holy waters during Solar Eclipse.

The Sarovar comes to life in winters when birds migrate from faraway places to take a dip in these waters.

To summarise - The more time you spend here, more you will proud of our rich culture and traditions.
Keep Exploring, such is the wonderful land of India.
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