VarahNarsimha Simhachalam Temple

Situated near to Vizag (around 18 Km.) on a hill top, Simhachalam temple, known as "Simhachalam Devasthanam" is believed to be as the oldest temples in the world. The word Simhachalam means the hill of the lion and this temple is a true portrait of rich heritage of Vizag.

Bhakt Prahlad needs no introduction and probably is the most told story to every kid in our country. This is the hill where Lord Vishnu had appeared to save Prahlada who was dropped from top of the hill, by the demon Hiranyakshipu into  the sea. Later on after demon Hiranyakashipu was killed by Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Narsimha, Prahlad had built the first temple at this site. Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Lord VarahaNarasimha (वराह नरसिंह ) here.

The present structure of temple was constructed by King Sri Krishna Devaraya. However a few scripts found here dates to 9th century, Chola Empire and 13th century AD as well.

Temple has a wonderful architecture that leaves visitors spell bound and is decorated with extremely detailed stone carvings that makes the structure even more spectacular. 

The temple has 16 huge pillars depicting incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Size of pillars is the largest I have come across any temple. Photography is strictly prohibited inside temple premises, so no pictures from inside; only close-up of temple top.

Akshaya Tritiya is the only day in the year when the statue of Lord Vishnu, appears in its true form and for only 12 hours. Rest of the time, Lord is covered with sandalwood paste. 

The name VarahNarsimha, is a combination off Varah and Narsimha. Lord Vishnu took avatar as “Varah” to kill the demon Hiranyaksha, who was the elder brother of demon Hiranyakashipu. Demon Hiranyaksha had become so powerful that he tried to snatch control of earth. Lord Vishnu appeared in form of “Varah” to kill Hiranyaksh to restore back control of earth. The deity at Simhachalam temple is Lord Vishnu’s both forms, Lord Narsimha and Varah, that’s why the name VarahNarsimha temple. Nearby Statues of Lord hanuman and Lord Karthikeya and articulate structures:

Divine ambience coupled with beautiful landscape and a drive of to reach the temple, which is 800 m, above sea level to offer prayers make the overall experience truly amazing. 

However you may also love to enjoy 1000 steps to reach the temple or can take bus services run by Simhachalam Devasthanam trust as well. Fares are very nominal.
In your Vizag itinerary, keep half a day for offering prayers at this sacred temple. Keep exploring guys. 

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