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Akal Wood Fossil Park, Jaisalmer

One of the most sought after heavens for history lovers is "Land of Rajasthan". Every lane of Rajasthan is a testimony to this. People come to this colourful land to cherish the royalties and glorious past of India.

If history is only sought, there is something here which is much older than the history itself. YES, this place has been a testimony to Jurassic age, to be honest pre Jurassic Era. History buff inside me was getting curious as we were approaching "Akal Wood Fossil Park". 

Get ready to take a plunge beyond History. Akal Wood Fossil Park takes you back to the pre Jurassic era, 180 million years back! In this area, once stood a forest 180 millions years ago. Then the area submerged in to the sea and the tree trunks got preserved in the form of fossils. The fossils of trees' trunks are preserved in this park, just like mummies in many parts of the world.

Witness to pre-Jurassic Era
This fossil park is spread in 10 sq. km. and 21-hectares is preserved area for 25 fossilized tree trunks. Fossilized tree trunks are of various sizes with the largest being 13 meters in length and 1.5 meters in width. 



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