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Offbeat travel with Kids - Necessary Precautions

Exploring Offbeat destinations is a specialized travel activity which is utmost satisfying for a wanderer’s soul. Being located in not so visited areas, first-hand information about the place and facilities available, to be honest is not available. Generally, everyone advise to not to travel to these remote places with family or with small children. They are not wrong, as even small issue in these places can become a big problem especially if you are travelling with small children.

One needs to prepare well for exploring such places and Yes more than few precautions are required if you are travelling with small children. We have been travelling with our kids (now, 9 year old and 4 year old) for last 7 years to all offbeat places. Trust our travels have got more wonderful and colorful in the company of our kids.

Though at times we have run into some serious trouble as well. Would like to share personal experiences and a few tips which may come handy while exploring Offbeat destinations with small children: 

1.      Food – 
At some of the remotely located hotels, food is prepared depending on what is available in the market that day. God forbid due to some unforeseen situation when dinner has not been prepared. 

This is what happened with us. After an amazing day out in the hills when we reached our hotel, we found that there was no food. Though we have been asking the hotel staff to keep at least something for kid, but that day was different. Our 3 year kid was hungry and crying helplessly as we did not had even biscuits and shops were closed by then. 

I along with one of the hotel staff went out in the dark and started knocking at the doors of the locales for some food (at least milk) for the kid. Fortunately locales were helpful. 

From that day we always carry one food packet only for kids, equivalent to 2 times meal. That’s what I will advise to you all. You may go hungry for a day but for kids even sustaining few hours is difficult.

Along with food, fruits, keep items like biscuits which have longer shelf life (milk for infants). Hope you need not touch this packet.  



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