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Bhangarh - Trail of 2 Ghosthunters

Bhangarh - The most haunted place on this Earth. Internet is flooded with the stories and legends about Bhangarh, which are too interesting to resist.

I got too much tempted to see this place. All the stories about this place has motivated me to the extent that I was expecting to shake hands with the "Ghosts of Bhangarh" and being a history lover, I was looking forward to pull the curtains from the "Mystery of Bhangarh". 

One fine Saturday, we started our adventure at 7:00AM from Delhi to Bhangarh. If it was the indication of the things to come, one of my friends who has confirmed to be a part of Ghost Hunting trip, changed his mind at the last moment, that is only 15 minutes before. Well this didn't dampened our spirits. Unfazed and Undaunted, we continued our voyage with high spirits.

Though the route was unfamiliar, but as I always say "Good Travellers never plan in advance". We had escaped the traffic of Delhi and were enjoying the cruising on NH-8.  
We thoroughly took pleasure driving through Gurgaon - Manesar - Dharuhera - Neemrana - Kotpootli - Shahpura (left turn from Alwar crossing T-point, 190 km.) - Viratnagar (215 Km.) - Thanagaji (225 Km.) - Ajabgarh (265 Km.). 
The journey is spellbinding and enriching. The road to Bhangarh takes you from the swanky malls and residential complexes in Delhi/ Gurgaon to the deep interiors of India, where village people still have to travel kilometres to ferry drinking water. Highway is in good shape and we were enjoying the fresh airs.

Left turn from Shahpura took us into the dominion of Aravallis mountains. Sailing through the gorges and mountainous roads, we celebrating the drive of our lives. Steep incline and acute descents will enough to keep us strike a delicate balance between thrill and caution. 
There are no Petrol Pumps after Thanagaji till Bhangarh, so drivers please ensure you do not run out of gasoline. Road after Thanagaji is pretty narrow. However the Rocky Terrain, mountains, Red Sands and colorful heritage of Rajasthan will set your spirits and enthusiasm rolling for the adventure ahead. 

Road to Bhangarh is fairly straight, but it is better to ask the locales whenever in doubt. Locales are very friendly and are always willing to go an extra yard to help the visitors. 30 Km. of entertaining drive took us to Ajabgarh. Ajabgarh shares the same time frame in history as of Bhangarh. There are a number of houses at Ajabgarh, which were were built centuries ago, most of them are deserted now.
These houses look scary at daytime. There is also a fort on the hills which is deserted and in very bad condition. I am sure at night deserted houses and the submerged fort can give heart attacks to even most of the Lion hearts.

Another 10 Km. separated us from the legendary. In the way we, we had to cross a road overflowing with water. Check out:
Even this was not enough to stop our charge. We were scared for a moment seeing high flow rate, but "Darr ke aagey Jeet hai".
It took us 274 Km. and around 7 hours of adventure filled travel time to reach the fantasyland.

That's the entrance, no doubt hospitality has been defined by India:

As soon as we set out foot in the Bhangarh site, we started looking out for the highly acclaimed Blue board by ASI, which strictly prohibits entry to Bhangarh after Sunset and before Sunrise. Finally we were at the legendary sign board. The entry to the site is prohibited after 6:00 PM.

There are a few stories behind the present state of this fort, however the elderlies in this area agree to the curse by a magician who had developed a liking for royal princess.

Once servant of the princess was buying oil in the market, the magician saw this and put a charm on the oil. However princess was also a magician,  came to know this and decoded the charm and threw the bottle on a nearby mountain. The oil bottle got transformed into a rock and killed the magician with its impact on his head. Magician before dying put a curse that everyone in this kingdom will die in a night and their souls will never leave this place. It is believed that all souls come down into the fort area at night. It is natural human psychology to associate ourselves with the history, no doubt even blowing winds looks like work of the ghosts.

There are no Ghostly appearing structures, but a magnificent Palace called as "Bhangarh Fort". The remains are informative enough to take you on to a mesmerizing journey, down the memory lane. If we go back in the history lane, we will find that entrance to all the major cities in India started with the market. Same trend has been followed in Bhangarh too, one if felicitated by beautifully placed shops on both sides of the walking street. I am also trying to explore the charisma of those times and how they would have marketed from the shops.

The Bhangarh fort has been constructed in a way that it is surrounded by hills on 3 sides. What a marvellous exhibition of architectural acumen. Hats off to all The Engineers, Architects and Project Management guys of that time.
This construction expertise displayed in those times, I am sure will be very difficult to replicate even in today's  world.

The Gopinath Mandir (temple) stands tall in the center on Fort premises. Looks like it is still holding its fort bravely or guarding the place amidst the ruins. However in reality temple looks lonely and sad at heart by seeing its friends (Fort, palace, markets and gardens) slowly dying and drifting away. The temple must have committed to the architect that whatsoever happens, I will not leave this place. Looks like it is still keeping its words of staying till the end. Don't feel yourself desolated, I will keep on coming back to give you company.

It is our duty to preserve this grand heritage and memories of our ancestors intact and in its full glory.

After temple we decided to go upstairs and take an aerial view of this place. Each step on the stairs was taking us close the glorious past of this place, and the rich history of our great country. Beauty and magnificence has been spread all over this place. Well crafted palaces, artistically placed gardens. Check out yourself:

To summarize Bhangarh -550 Km. and 15 hours drive in a day, someone has rightly said "Moments makes live a worthwhile". That's our moment....on the top of the fort, it can't get better...Standing on the terrace of the Palace the vast expanse of the fort looks like INVINCIBLE. It has four gates - Lahori Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Phulbari Gate and Delhi Gate. However now it looks that life has come to a standstill in this area.

Bhangarh is a beautiful place and the drive is equally enriching. So guys take out a day off from your hectic schedules and get set go on a stimulating trip to Bhangarh. Sit there and try to unravel some of the mysteries associated with this place:

However our plans were quashed by Archaeological Survey of India, which prohibits staying inside the fort area after sunset and before sunrise. Locals say whoever has tried to stay inside after sunset was never found.Like all other tourists, we also left the place before sunset with many questions remaining still unanswered in our minds.
The day time is sufficient to reconnect with the glorious past of this place, You should not have any doubts to visit this Fort, if still don't hesitate to contact me.....

If you do not want to return back so quickly, you can drive till Chand Bawdi which is around 60 km. from this place, via Dausa district (NH11) or 42 Km. via Bandikui.
Other than Bhangarh, abandoned Kuldhara village near to Jaisalmer is also worth visiting for all ghostbusters.


The Magical Manali...

Far from the Maddening crowd, in the realms of Nature, surrounded by mountains lies an incredible holiday spot, We call it as "Manali".  It is an excellent place for a holiday, a favourite resort for trekkers to Lahaul, Spiti, Kinnaur, Leh and Zanskar regions in Kashmir valley.

Amazing Landscapes, flowing river, green mountains are a few to keep you enthralled during your road trip to Manali...also known as the "SWITZERLAND OF INDIA".

We started from Shimla at 9:00 AM in a taxi, which the best way to explore the beauty all the way till Manali. Every mile was asking us to stop and see...but we had to reach Manali - -so we kept on moving, though with occasional stops. Each turn was unfolding stunning panorama of nature, and landscapes were getting better every time. Pandoh dam for hydroelectric power generation is one of such stop during the way. Photography of the dam is strictly prohibited, unless you risk forfeiting of your camera by security agencies:

Whether it was the green waters of the rivers, eye catching hills or the 3 km. long tunnel, all of them kept us glued on our windows. We kept on moving and enjoying...

Once you reach Kullu, stay for 2 days and cherish the amazing spots in the Valley of Gods. In the way, around 45 km. from Kullu is a place which is still disconnected from the mainland. While going to Manali or while returning, take some time to explore Malana...

280 Km. distance took around 9 hours including a few stops to relish in the majestic beauty of the Himalayas. In Manali, select a room with a captivating view of the opposite mountain ranges the land where the music of the mountains was reigning supreme.
Manali is a small place with some amazing sight seeing options here, notable among them Hadimba temple, Maharishi Vashisht Temple, Anjani Mahadev, Solang Valley, Mall Road and Old Manali. It is the experience and AURA of this place that sets it apart from other destinations in this region. Manali is also the base for going to Rohtang Pass and further to Leh.

There are some things which you always desire, and Snowfall is one of them. It was November, but we got up to witness Snowfall. We were in for a heavenly experience.

Trees, Houses and ground covered with snow were simply irresistible to stay indoors. We too came out to have our share of enjoyment in the falling snow. At breakfast, hotel staff complimented us for being lucky to witness snowfall in November as it usually happens in January. We were rejoicing on our good fortune.

The snow had a magnetizing effect on us and we continued to explore whatever we could have. Check out, what was the closest encounter with snow we could have had. I saw a few kids playing with the snow, in the snow. Just a glance of them was ample for me to join their game. With in a few seconds I went back to my childhood days. Staying in the big cities we miss out on lot of simple yet delightful activities. Rightly said - "Those are the moments which make life worthwhile". So guys Live Life to the fullest before it gets too late.
We realized that local sightseeing was due, when our cab arrived. Though we did not wanted to stop the fun in the snow with the kids.

First in the list was Maharishi Vashisht Temple, it was a small but impressive temple. We were in for another surprise, as there was snow all around the floor and we were supposed to cross it barefooted. Isn't it Enticing Guys...?

We saw a few tourists praying from outside and returning back. The snow had a terrifying effect on them. However we went inside without our shoes. Brains and feet were fighting out for moving fast or maintain a balance to avoid slipping. By the time they would have reached to a conclusion, we had performed the rituals and were out of the temple.

Vashihst temple, without snow:

The place has been the meditation place of Maharishi Vashishta and there is a famous hot water spring. According to legend, Laxman (younger brother of Lord Ram)had come to take help of Rishi Vashishta for Ashwa Megha Yagya. However Lxxman was unable to bear the cold of this place and had shot an arrow into the ground which resulted in gushing out of hot water from the ground and provided him the much needed respite from the cold weather.

Also adjacent to Vashisht temple is the Ram temple:

Some distance from Vashishth temple is Jogini Waterfalls (4 km. from Mall Road). A gentle trek of around 30 minutes from the main road (Manali to Rohtang) will take you to this stream of waterfall which is on its way to join river Beas. People of Vashishth village worship Jogini falls with a belief that Goddess Jogini reside inside the rushing waters of this waterfall.
The way fighter pilots prepare before every flight, same way with our spirits rejuvenated, we started for Hadimba Temple. 

Cladded in snow and snow falling from the Trees, Hadimba Temple was posing like a panorama only seen in artists' sketches. What could have been the icing on the cake, we were walking besides the rabbits. There were rabbits all around to cheer you. Our shoes have got wet by the time, but we were not complaining. With snow all around and rains embracing us, we got to know, why it is called as "SWITZERLAND of INDIA". Do you have any question guys?

Hadimba temple without snow:

Instead of returning to our hotel we decided to get to the Mall. Every hill station in India has a Mall Road and Manali is no different. Artefacts sold by different shops exhibits ample glimpses of diversity of India culture. Laughing Buddha, Dragons' souvenirs, Lord Krishna pictures and masks used in South Indian dances, all at one place - that's what we call "UNITY in DIVERSITY"

Exploring Manali on foot with complimentary sight seeing and cool breezes is an experience to cherish life long. Adjacent to Mall Road is a beautiful  Tibetan Monastery, Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa Monastery:

Adventure does not end here. Manali is also acclaimed for adventure sports activities. One can indulge in River rafting, Paragliding, Trekking, camping and can learn mountaineering. For budding mountaineers there is a mountaineering institute too.

I do not have much words to describe the Aura of this place. To be honest you have to come here to feel yourself. In short a special place and a must visit for all.
Situated at a height of 6,398 ft and distance of 550 Km. from Delhi, Manali is a very popular hill station in Beas river valley. Going further ahead on Delhi- Manali road, one can drive till Leh, which is world's one of the best motoring roads on account of natural beauty. Isn't it enticing:

For me this is the best time to be in Manali (October- November), as you can go to Rohtang Pass. So guys, ready 1,2, 3.......Vroom, coz one snowfall and road to Rohtang will be closed. Would you like to miss the lovely drive on the above road?

Permit is required to visit Rohtang and beyond, please use the link for applying and getting the permit 400 Diesel vehicles and 600 Petrol vehicles are allowed during the day. To return to Delhi, book a Volvo or take any state roadways bus. Prior booking is advised for both of the options.

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Romancing the Wilds "JIM Corbett"

How many times we long for cool breezes, a walk in the woods, sitting alongside a river, hearing birds' chirping  and watching animals in their natural self and finally adoring the blue skies and counting stars at night...

To be honest we all crave for such delicacies of lives. What a life it will be if I get a chance to say at such a place. However our cities have become a concrete jungle, where even getting fresh air is a luxury. In the race to achievement we become so occupied that we miss out the charming aspects of the life.

A well know saying - "No matter how much you are busy, one can still take out a few minutes for a BEER with Friends". Same way -
"No matter how much we are occupied with our hectic schedules, we should try for taking out a few days out of our busy lives to spend some time in the arms of Mother Nature". 

But the multi million question - Where to find such a place to spend the weekend and rejuvenate ourselves. Since I stay in Delhi, my choice for such a place is obviously around Delhi only. One such places is Jim Corbett National Park. Situated at a distance of 290 Km. from Delhi, Jim Corbett is an ideal resort to unleash yourself in the arms of mother nature.
Isn't it enticing...
A picture is worth 100 words. However this is just a trailer, in reality the place is much more spectacular than what it looks in the pics. No camera can capture the grandeur of this place. That's why wise people say - "Seeing is Believing". 

The beauty of Corbett National Park draws thousands of visitors from all over the world. It did not left me untouched even, to soak myself in cool breezes and rain soaked mountains, I started on 16th September, 530 AM from Delhi. Within in 40 minutes I was on NH 24 and moving towards Corbett. The route is easy and even first timers can drive without any hassles. In between you will come across Garh Mukteshwar, where if you wish can have a bath in river Ganges. Roads are in fairly good condition, except for a few small hitches. 

There is also a drive through MacD to take care of your taste buds (around 45 km. before Moradabad). Drive straight till Moradabad bypass, turn left after crossing Moradabad bypass (Landmark - 2 toll collection points within 2-3 Km.) and you are 90 Kms. away from Jim Corbett Park. 

Thakurdwara - Kashipur - Ramnagar and 10km. further you are in the Corbett Reserve Area. You will notice river Kosi, Himalayas and a number of resorts/ hotels on your right hand side.

By 1:30 PM, we were inside the resort. If this was the indication for the things to come, the "Club Mahindra" resort was as beautiful as anything.
 A swimming pool and a well equipped Gym was like icing on the cake. I was imagining the extent of enjoyment I will be having for the next 2 days.

Also I got the rare chance to stand on the riverside, watch the mountains out of the balcony and see the falling rains. What more you need for a weekend trip...? The resort is strictly for families.

Day 1: Hopping around

After taking the breath and our lunch, we started looking out for nearby spots. Hardly 100 m. from our resort, we were in for a surprise in form of a signboard in right hand side, pointing towards a Lord Shiva Temple. Without a second thought our feet started following the direction.

In store for us was an out of the world trekking adventure. We were going up the stoned way, which used to get constricted  too much and at places it we had to cross the falling waters. It was like a walk in the woods at places and at some places we used to use our hands to move ahead. Well, Manual trekking is indeed enthralling.

If this was good enough, you have to reconsider your thoughts. The small but graceful temple of Lord Shiva was a sheer pleasure to eyes. This was a very ancient temple, dating back to the days of Pandavas. A sight of antique statues, was enough to captivate you. After performing the rituals and thanking god for providing us with such an opportunity, we started back to our resort.

By the time we returned back, it was all dark. Since the swimming pool had closed by then, we decided to hit the Gym. After sweating out for an hour we went back to our apartment. By then our stomachs had started craving for food, food food....Dining under the skies was our moment which we will cherish for rest of our lives. Thanks to Club Mahindra for the memories

Day 2: Visit to Girija Devi Temple. 4 Km. from our resort was the Temple of Girija Devi. 

What a morning it was "We got up to the pouring rains". Quickly served delicious breakfast at the resort ensured that we can go out for adventures at the earliest. Also resort has number of activities to indulge, if you prefer to stay indoors. As soon as our batteries were charged to the full, we were sketching the our route for further exploration in the Corbett Park.

The best way to explore the place is by foot. We too started our quest, on feet to see the magnificent sights. The road was too captivating and the scenic grandeur was beyond comparison. Check out yourself:
Amazing Natural beauty at this place

One could have come by car, but the thrill of crossing the roads when water is rushing down will be certainly missed. Embracing chilling waters with bare feet...Vow... who need shoes...
Crossing several turns, bridges and trekking from the forests, meandering the wilds for 4 km. we were at the Girija Devi temple. The history of this temple goes back to the days of Mahabharata.

If the history is not enough tempting, it is situated on a hilltop, surrounded by river Kosi amidst gorgeous mountains on three sides.

Walking over the bridge to cross Kosi river to reach the temple presents you with a panorama par excellence. It is easy to get carried away, but please keep our concentration intact. I would not give too much efforts in describing in words the Magnificence of this pace. Check out for yourself:

Feeling the chilled waters of river Kosi bestow you with a heavenly experience. However I was unable to enjoy it for long as the temple personnel asked me to come out as the river was flooded at that time. Well big things come in small packages.

I failed to notice that it had started to rain. What can be more amazing than having the snacks in a make shift dhaba (hotel). Chowmein and Tea never ever had or will taste better.

I might have returned back without shopping, but with my wife alongside me, I had to loosen my purse strings for some souvenirs. I am still working on the Rubik Cube puzzle, I purchased from there.

While returning, it had started to rain, this time in tandems. So evenings were reserved for the Gym for the second time in second day. Food looked tastier after sweating out for an hour or so.

Day 3Return Journey

All good things have to end, so was it. Since it was raining heavily for the last 2 days, we decided to start early on Saturday.
I was thinking that it was too early to end our tryst with adventures. Looks like GOD was listening as I got a chance to drive through such falling waters. We were fortunate as NH-24 got closed for traffic the following day.  

"To summarize I would like to thank the weather GODS for making this visit a truly memorable one." So what are thinking guys pack your bags and Jim Corbett.
"Jim Corbett park is one of the favorite tourist spots of people from all over India and people from across the world. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas Corbett National Park is the Home to a variety of flora and fauna, it is famous for its wild population of Tigers, Leopards and Elephants. Corbett national park was established in 1936, as the Hailey National Park.
This 201 square mile park was renamed in honor of the late Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter-naturalist turned author and photographer who spent most of his years in this area and contributed in setting up the this park. With the help of the World Wildlife Fund, Project Tiger was launched in Corbett National Park in 1973 and this park was one of the first such tiger reserves in the country."


Back to Rishikesh...

There is something about "Rishikesh, the DEVBHOOMI, Land of God" which keeps on calling the visitors again and again. Land is bestowed with eternal charm: "Spiritualism" coupled with unparalleled Natural splendour leaves visitors spellbound.

Rishikesh, sometimes nicknamed "the world capital of Yoga", has numerous yoga centres that also attract tourists. It is believed that meditation in Rishikesh brings one closer to attainment of moksha, as does a dip in the holy river that flows through it.

"Grace of the GOD or the sheer charm of this place", Well in my case both. This was my another trip, yet again with a difference. This visit was long due, I am happy to visit Neelkanth again. This time was with my 2 friends who have came all the way from South Korea. It was different experience for them, getting in touch with the Hinduism culture - our  Value System and Beliefs.

We stepped in Rishikesh at 3:15 AM. What would you call it morning or night...? Well guys for Rishikesh it was early morning. An incredible atmosphere at Barrage was waiting for us. Standing on the barrage, we were amidst the mist and the symphonies of the falling water of river Ganges. We were in a wonderland, it can hardly be expressed in the words. 
To charge ourselves we took shelter in a hotel near to Laxman Jhula. Never ever ever we had the privilege of setting the eyes on the clouds. What a morning it was and what a landscape view we noticed outside the hotel window. In short it was mesmerizing.....No one could have stayed further in the room, Neither we did stayed for more in our room and started our march to the Lord Shiva's "Neelkanth" Temple. 

The iconic "Chotiwala Restaurant" was the first to come in our way, inviting for breakfast. In Rishikesh you can not ignore this restaurant. After enjoying the breakfast we started our 14 km. track to Neelkanth shrine with lots of faith in our hearts. "Masala Dosa" had never tasted so Yummy before.

River Ganga at its torrential best was posing a challenge to our rafting spirits and mighty HIMALAYAS were calling us for a trekking challenge. We did not had the reputation of fleeing the battlefields. Green Mountains fresh from rains were presenting a panorama par excellence. Our cameras were on the overdrive, we were capturing whatever we could have of the mother Nature. We accepted the challenge and decided to track 14 km. on foot.

With each step, we were getting closer to Hindu culture, values and believes. We have not went too far when we noticed a Naga saint offering the prayers in his own way. he was sitting on the dry thorns without getting hurt. That's the power of Devotion, Faith and Spiritualism:

The best thing to keep you charged during trekking and for providing instant Energy - "BANANAS". I spotted a vendor selling bananas. With all excitement I took the bananas, only to realize myself surrounded with bunch of monkeys within no time.

I have heard countless tales of monkeys taking bananas at such locations. I had distributed a dozen in a flash and purchased another. I invited my friends to present bananas to the monkeys. Initial hesitation did not stood beyond a few seconds, within no time they joined the party. While Mino was a picture of elegance in offering bananas.....

See it for Min.....they scared the hell out of him. We were unable to hold ourselves from laughing till out stomachs started aching. This picture is our prized possession. This was the closest I came to the monkey gods, they were extremely well behaved when it came to accepting the bananas. The truth is "If I would have offered them bananas voluntarily, they would have snatched forcibly".

Step by step, filled with excitement and fun we were marching ahead. With every turn in the way, we were witnessing striking landscapes better than the previous ones. Vow...mother nature has too much for all of us, it is our duty to preserve it for our coming generations the way we received from our ancestors.

We continued our march, kept on having a bit of trekking wherever we could sense. Travellers never feel themselves to be foreigners, we were quickly joined by locales, that doubled up our enthusiasm. By the time it had started to rain, we were enjoying the rains too. Going up becomes more demanding when it rains, we were feeling tired sometimes, but we were not complaining. Do you thing Min is complaining..????

In the way there came a spot from where we were unable to move ahead. No guesses, we were not tired - The beauty/ surrounding landscapes were simply irresistible. Check for yourself ---

Looks like a sketch out of artists' canvas...

Rightly said "Seeing is Believing", by this time rains had also joined the party with us. Green mountains fresh from  the rains were looking with a newly wed bride. I told my friends about the history associated with Neelkanth Shrine, that took me closer to the richness of our traditions and beliefs.

Neelkanth shrine was around the corner, it did not took more to reach there. We had to stand in the line for about an hour as there was a huge crowd of devotees. rains had also started to make its presence felt in good way. If I would have been in Delhi, I would have surely looked for a shelter, but here it was a pleasure. 

As we say that whatever we pray to Lord Shiva in Neelkanth Temple comes true. Apart from my wishes, I prayed that whatever my friends prayed for themselves should come true. Such is the power of belief, by the time we came out of the shrine, I had started having faith in their faith.

Rain Gods were roaring at their best, as soon as we stepped out of the temple, check out...

We speculated for rains to subside, but with no success. Then came the heavenly inspiration to weather the rains,  all of our electronics stuff went into hibernation. However we got raincoats from a local shop. These were the best raincoats we have ever come across in our lives and will probably ever--- 

If you think this was all, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The view from top was simply breathtaking, spectacular and all such synonyms. Rightly said "It is the journey of 100 steps which makes the view from top so Exhilarating". 
 Can it still get better....Check out this:

We had to get back to Rishikesh - we were not that daredevils to walk all the way down. We hired the Jeep (Taxi service to ferry passengers from Rishikesh - Neelkanth). Wrooming down the hills, the charges for up-down trip are Rs. 120 (as in July 2016, my last visit) .

We finally returned to Rishikesh. Though our spirits were still roaring, however our bellies were crying for fuel.  Spine chilling cool breeze and hot food inside a river side restaurant had no parallels. We sat down for evening snacks, but we ended up with Dinner. Min was sceptical of Indian foods, finally he got Pizza. Sometimes I was anxious he might get unwell because of fasting.

We met an Israeli couple, being Jews they would not spend/ use electronic equipments on Saturdays. Every religion has its believes...we should respect every religion. That is the teaching we can take back from Rishikesh. Spend some quite moments on legendary Ghats of Rishikesh, hear the sounds of flowing river...
Sankatmochan temple dedicated to Lord hanuman is visible atop the hill. Do take some time to visit this place and enjoy breath taking views of the Rishikesh town from the top.

Finally it was the time for some souvenirs,  we checked in a number of local shops to buy Kurta, which is also the traditional India dress. After a walk of half an hour, we returned to our hotel and settled for a night of sleep. We started early morning next day for Delhi, however our hearts were still in Rishikesh. If you have more time in your schedule:
  • 2 days more: Travel to Jayalgarh for some adventure filled water sports activities.
  • 3 Days more: Trek to Valley of Flowers, which is heaven on earth with a carpet of variety of beautiful flowers.
With lot of options to indulge Rishikesh is one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi.

Brief halt at Baba Ramdev Ashram for Breakfast did not let the enthusiasm come down. Everyone should visit the Ashram , renowned for Spirituality. While visiting Rishikesh, we have to go through Haridwar and it is not worth neglecting.

This was one of the most amazing and adventurous trip I ever had. I am calling my friends to visit India again, we will again have such a trip. Come soon before we get all the white hairs on our heads....



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