Dudhsagar Falls - THE MILKY WAY

Dudhsagar Falls aka Sea of Milk- a beautiful tie-red waterfall located on the Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa on Goa's border with Karnataka state is the place I have been wanting to embark in my travel list since a long time.


Dudhsagar derives its name from the clouds of foam that form at the waterfalls.


According to the legend, a powerful king who ruled the Western Ghats had his palace in the forest. The king's daughter used to bath in the picturesque lake. She would have a jug full of sugared milk after the bath.

Once while she was just having her milk after a bath, a handsome prince saw her. Embarrassed, the princess poured milk in front of her so that it could form a curtain while one of the maids rushed to get her the dress. Since then, the sugared milk (Dudh) poured by the princess is believed to be flowing in torrents as a tribute to the modesty of the princess.


All you need is a weekend to cover this lovely place if you stay in Bangalore. One fine day, all of a sudden, we booked train tickets from Bangalore to Londa Junction in Rani Chenamma Express for next day travel. Around 8 AM, we reached Londa Junction and indeed that small station surprised us with its beautiful and breath freshening view.

After having fresh and hot VADA-PAV at railway station we boarded an autorickshaw and headed towards Ramnagar Bust stand which is around 4 KMs form station. Once reached there are two options available for Dhudhsagar.

1.   Shared cab which will take and drop you back at Ramnagar costing around 2500 bucks (Inclusive of life jacket).

2.    Go to Castle Rock station and jump on any passing by goods train - cost you zero bucks + free adventure, just you have to do is request the guard of train and trust me they don't mind at all.

So keeping adventure in mind we took a bus to Castle Rock station about 3-4 Kms from Ramnagar bus stand.

The moment we reached station we saw one train passing by and ran as hard as possible to catch it, threw our bag-pack and hopped on it. Enjoyed the fascinating view throughout that small journey from back of the goods train along with simple and bighearted village people.

Snaking in and out of the tunnels was making were journey amazingly exciting. Around 13 tunnels will come across the entire journey which is beautiful.

Finally reached the ultimate spot in around 40 minutes. From this place you have to trek down a little to see the actual falls.

Small peculiar temple cum Church adjacent to Railway Track

No matter how tired you are or how much pain you are in, it will go away in a flick once you go into the waters. While standing exactly below the falls you will feel alive with every droplet falling on your head from a huge height  - Every massage or any acupuncture is nothing in front of this.

INSTRUCTION - Life guards will not allow in the waters without life jacket so please acquaint yourself with the same.

Its better to go in little off-season because in rainy seasons you will not be able to enter into the falls due to dangerous gushing water.

Beautiful view from bottom with water flowing on top of railway tracks. In rainy seasons Dudhsagar falls is really strong with plenty of water making the passengers of passing by train completely wet.

Actual tie-red waterfall with three streams of water coming from different directions.

After completely drenching our souls in water for more than 2 hours finally it was time to say goodbye to this lovely place However this is one place where I will want to go again and enjoy the Dhudhsagar falls.
Enthused by the waters, this place will always be special to me. If you have more than weekend in your bucket you can cover this place and head towards GOA also which is around 100 KM - 3 Hours away.


Raghav Verma

Computer Engineer by profession and working at Bangalore. Love trekking and travelling to different and new places.

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