Kullu, the valley of Gods...

A wandering soul searching for a nest can get numerous excuses to surely settle in Kullu, Valley of Gods.

Stunning landscapes coupled with hospitality of people, their distinct lifestyle and rich culture have made Kullu valleys popular as “Valley of Gods”. Kullu is renowned around the world for the woollen Shawls and the Dussehra festival. However, to explore it also has some amazing spots, which despite the popularity of Kullu are surprisingly not so known. When coming from Shimla, spending one day to explore Kullu Valleys shall be a great choice before proceeding to Manali...

Nearest to Kullu is Bijlee Mahadev temple, which is approx. 25 km. from Kullu town by road. Cherish the beautiful Beas River while crossing over the Kullu Bridge on the way to Bijlee Mahadev. You may park your car at a side and click the fabulous bridge and pleasing landscapes...
Once the motorable road ends at Chansari Village; rest of the way, a challenging trek of 2 km. has to be covered solely by your spirits. That’s all what separates you from the blessings of Lord Shiva at Bijlee Mahadev temple.

You have to be in good shape for this trek. The trek is too steep and will take around 60-75 minutes. The bigger the obstructions in my way the higher is the glory in overcoming it. Barely breathing at times, my limits of fitness were being tested at every step in this trek. You might find one or two visitors or trekkers, if you are lucky.
Though creeping at times and stopping quiet often; nonetheless the trek is a beautiful walk in the woods. Trek video...

According to legend this is the place, Mathana where Lord Shiva killed the dreaded demon Jalandhar. As this is the highest point in the region; it had to bear the fury of lightening falling from the skies. As a result, inhabited villages were being damaged frequently due the constant lightings from the skies.

To tame this wild nature, a temple was erected as per the mandate from Lord Shiva to protect the nearby regions from frequent lightings from the sky.

When the limits to human capability are exposed and if you have faith in all mighty, heavens will come to rescue. It is believed that after erection of this temple lightings have stopped. In fact, Lord Shiva has been absorbing the lightings onto him, thereby saving the nearby inhabitations from the wild fury of nature, that’s why the name “Bijlee Mahadev” (Bijlee is known as electricity in English language).

Trek hard Travel harder; it was the time to thank all mighty for his benevolence that I was able to experience this marvelous spot. Rightly said things which are closer to nature are always good for health. Sprawling lawn and view from the top will make this trek worthwhile.

It is believed that Lord Shiva has been residing here since times immemorial in form of this holy Shivling. Also worth mentioning is the story telling paintings of Gods & Goddesses. Every year lightning falls on the holy Shivling and damages it. Shivling is repaired and joined buy the priests of the temple every time.
A while coming down, enjoy mystic view of the Kullu valleys.
As good travellers never take rest, so the next spot in the itinerary to be discovered is Manikaran Sahib. The landscapes during the drive are so pleasant that you will always be in cheerful spirits during the journey.

In the way you will come across the way to Malana, 45 km. from Kullu town (left turn from Malana hydro power project). Trek to Malana is an expedition where you have to touch down the depths of the mighty mountains to reach the Malana Village. At least 3 hours are required to enjoy the Malana trek. It is prohibited to touch the temples and structures. Main attraction in Malana is the distinct architecture of temples and houses.

After Malana continue towards Manikaran Sahib, in the way you will pass through Kasol. Kasol is a lively place where for enjoying water sports like rafting and bridge crossing. Lot of foreigners makes this place an exciting venue for various cuisines and shopping also.

From Kasol only 3.5 km. separates you from the picturesque Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara. Situated in a valley alongside the flowing river, the enchanting landscape makes this place a perfect blend of tourism and spirituality. Go inside the holy place, offer prayers, and feel the quiet ambience.

24 hour free kitchen is run by the Gurudwara for the visitors. Adjoining to Gurudwara is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali. Temple premise include a natural hot water spring with abundant Sulphur, which is very beneficial for skin related diseases. People fill this holy water in plastic containers and take back to their homes. There is also a market on the other side of Gurudwara, you may buy some souvenirs or you can just stand at the cross over bridge and relish the beauty of this place.

Two days are required to relish these incredible spots in the Kullu Valleys; Day one for Bijlee Mahadev, Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery and local sightseeing in Kullu town. Malana, Kasol and Manikaran Sahib can be covered on second day of the itinerary.

Both treks to Bijlee Mahadev and Malana require one to be in good physical shape. You will come across many spots which you will feel like taking a print and paste in your home.

While In Kullu town, you can also see the shawl making process and buy some shawls, if you like. After Kullu, going to Manali take the road to Naggar Castle. Around 10 km. from Kullu bus stand, located in Kais village is Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery.

It was inaugurated by his holiness Dalai Lama in 2005. The monastery serves as a centre for the study of Buddhist philosophy...

This monastery houses several Tibetan monks. Apart from incredible architecture, the monastery offers picturesque view of the surrounding valleys.


Moving ahead on the road to Naggar (23 km. from Kullu) there are some beautiful temples at Naggar. First in the way Gauri Shanker temple...

500m. ahead is the Tripura Sundari temple...

About Kullu:

Situated alongside Beas River, at a height of 1220 m. Kullu was once known as Kulanthapitha – end of the habitable world. Kullu got connected with motorable roads only after 1947. As a result of this long seclusion Kullu valleys still retain their traditional charm. You will get here an intricate web of valleys, each of which are a visual delight and look more beautiful than the other.

Kullu is at its colourful best during the acclaimed Dussehra festival. Around 4-5 lac people from all over the world come to Kullu to take part in this festival. Dussehra festival starts on Vijaya Dashmi and lass for a week.


To reach Kullu: By road, 530 km. from Delhi, and 240 km. from Shimla. HPTDC Luxury and Volvo coaches ply to Kullu daily from Delhi.

Keep travelling Guys to next destination, Manali and Rohtang Pass...

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