Sonagiri, the Milky Hill...

By now we have explored almost every road in Chambal Ravines, to further extend our safari beyond Gwalior we started our drive towards Orchha on road from Gwalior. While exploring the roads and asking for the directions, some locales advised us to visit the milky mountain of Sonagiri. Milky Mountain…? The name Sonagiri actually means mountain of gold. We too were surprised by this, till the locales told us that 77 beautiful temples, all in white colour is the reason behind milky Sonagiri Hill. Locales are the best guides.


Sonagiri is a place sacred to Digambar Jains. It is situated 60 km. from Gwalior and has a chain of temples of 9th - 10th century on this hill since the time from Chandraprabhu. As we were approaching towards the hill, we could clearly see an umbrella of white temples covering the hill.

As we were about to enter the temple area, we were asked to remove our shoes, we looked at the stairs which were scorching by this time but for such a beautiful place this was worth.

While climbing upstairs we came across many temples of saints. Beautifully laid white coloured temples on both sides of the way make the walk worthy of every step. Number of temples is also mentioned, so that one should not miss any temple...

Devotees and saints come to this place to practice self-discipline and to attain Nirvana, freedom from cycles of life and death. It is believed that till date Five & half Crores of ascetic saints have achieved salvation (Moksha or Nirvana) at this holy place. Nang, Anang, Chintagati, Poornachand, Ashoksen, Shridatta, Swarnbhadra and many other saints achieved salvation from here. Acharya Shubh Chandra & Bhartrihari lived and worked here for spiritual achievements.


There are 77 beautiful Jain temples. This temple being with the most exquisite domes...

Time to offer prayers, lets go inside this temple. Inside this temple we also got much needed respite from the hot floor. One of the most amazing interiors, check out the beautiful statues, carved in white marble stones...

In a big Hall, dedicated to GODs only..

This is a place where King Nanganag Kumar achieved liberation from life and death cycle along with the fifteen million followers. While enjoying such a beautiful hill, we have forgotten that we were barefooted on the hot floor. As we kept walking upstairs, we were able to enjoy the view from the top...
Temple No. 57 is the main temple. This temple has an attractive artistic spire. In this temple the principal deity is Lord Chandraprabhu. Sacred chants are carved all over the walls of the temple..

Eleven feet in height, beautiful idols of Lord Sheetal Nath & Parsvnath are also installed here.

There is a column of dignity 43 ft. in height and an attractive model of Samavsharan.
Enjoy every step of walk in this sacred place. One has to walk without shoe on hot marble when you are coming in summer season so be careful. Before returning back, one aerial view for the stark contrasting barren lands at the back side of Sonagiri hill...

There is a small market outside the temple complex and 2-3 eateries. Try Banana SAMOSA's.

To reach Sonagiri temples: 
Around 70 km. from Gwalior in Datia district on Gwalior - Jhansi Highway. Regular buses plying from Gwalior and Jhansi which pass via Sonagiri. SONAGIR railway station lies on Agra-Jhansi line. Sonagiri Hill is 3 km. from the railway station. Only passenger trains stop at Sonagiri railway station.

Keep travelling Guys...

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  1. what a post , I am feeling that you wrote it for me as I am going there to visit Sonagir and Datia along with Jhansi and Orchha . Thnx for the informative post !!

    1. Thanks for dropping by...You have a chosen an amazing itinerary, similar to mine. I have covered these along with Sonagiri...
      At Orchha: Raja Ram temple and Chturbhuj temple are closed from 12:00 - 20:00 hours. Please plan accordingly.
      Please take entry tickets for entire Orchha heritage monuments at entrance of Jahangir Mahal (covering Cenotaphs also). Take care as entry tickets for the main cenotaphs are not available at cenotaphs entry.

  2. Nice one. The temples look really beautiful.

    1. And also the peaceful atmosphere at the site is worthy experience..

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for dropping by...the place was amazing, surprising not so known in tourist circles...

  4. Looks like an interesting place. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Manu for dropping by...Temples in white colour gives a feling of walking in the heaven...

  5. Spring is the most beautiful time of the year to visit Sonagiri, right after the rains. The water bodies are full of rain water and the weather is just amazing! One of the most sacred places in Jain religion, the Sonagiri temples are also some of the most peaceful.

    1. Correct, I fully agree with each word of yours.
      Ambience here is extremely peaceful and worth every minute.
      Thank you so much for visiting this post.

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