Mohan Shakti Heritage Park, Solan

If you think mountains are all about Valleys, Water Streams and precisely located temples, well your thoughts may be coming under serious reconsideration.

Coming from Jatoli Shiv Temple in Solan and after travelling 8 kms towards Shimla, turn right on a narrow downhill road. You have to be a very confident driver for this 7 km. of road, if driving yourself, in order to find this Khul Ja Sim Sim like Treasure of our Heritage.

If you are visiting Shimla, Kasauli or any other nearby place, you should visit this place to believe that such a grand structure is existing in the foothills of Solan district.

The Park has been created with noble intentions to promote interest about Vedic Sciences in younger generation and spread awareness about our culture. Divine sense of peace prevails over as soon as anyone enters this theme-based temple. Sculptures spread across the lawns are an assortment of wildlife, fables and God's. Its mysterious presence down in the valley surrounded by hills makes it more beautiful.

Huge premises of Mohan Shakti Heritage Park house a grand beautiful temple and also displays great Indian culture in beautiful stone craft. While going up the stairs to the temple premises, statues of "Rituraj Basant (King of seasons, Spring Season), Bangla Pandit, Indra Dev (Lord of Rains)" are on the right-hand side to welcome. My kid asked who is Rituraj Basant, I told him Spring season. He next asked then why referred to as "Rituraj (ऋतुराज )", it was then I had to dig deeper into my mind and realized that "Rituraj" actually means king of seasons. Our kids/ younger generation needs to be aware of significance of all these aspects of our culture.

In a nutshell, our rich heritage has been crafted in stone here. The place is an encyclopedia on our rich religion. Like origin of Goddess Durga (दुर्गा ) and Vindhyavasini (विंध्यवासिनी ), carved on the temple walls:

The inside of the massive prayer hall is a treasure for the believers. Continuously playing religious chants make you sit and enjoy hearing stories about our rich culture and religion.

No one could ever imagine that such a fabulous temple has been built in a large plain area within mountains. The temple is so perfectly designed and the idols placed are beyond beautiful. Like these statues on the hills:

Goddess Saraswati (सरस्वती ) and divine mermaid, Matsya Kanya (मतस्य  कन्या ):

Down the road one can visit the nearby flowing river Giri and also trek a little towards a waterfall. This temple that took more than 10 years to construct. Foundation stone was laid by then Prime Minister Sh. A. B. Vajpayee.

Being a perfect offbeat spot, not many tourists are here as the place is situated too much down the hill and actually not so known in tourist circles.

Even if you are 100-150 km. from Solan, this place should be a must visit especially with children to show them our Vedic heritage, whole Hindu Religion can be understood from this place. Likewise, Bheem (भीम) killing evil Dushasan (दुश्शासन):

Lord Krishna guiding Arjuna in Kurukshetra. 

Story goes like this:

Arjuna had sat on the funeral pyre as he was unable to kill Jayadratha before Sunset. At that moment Lord Krishna told Arjun about the Solar Eclipse and ordered him to leave pyre and complete his mission.

-> अर्जुन जब कुरुक्षेत्र रण में सूर्यास्त से पहले जयद्रथ का वध नहीं कर पाया, तो प्रतिज्ञानुसार प्राण त्यागने के लिए चिता पर बैठ गया। तभी कृष्ण भगवान् ने अर्जुन को ग्रहण से हटते हुए सूर्य को दिखाया और पुनः शस्त्र उठाकर प्रतिज्ञा पूरी करने का आदेश दिया  .. 
(This Solar Eclipse is one of the earliest recorded Solar Eclipse in human history)

Trust me children will enjoy every moment here.

Traveller sees what he wants to see and a tourist sees what he has come to see. Thanks to staff at hotel Ross Common who suggested about this place after knowing my Offbeat interests. What next, I decided to take the offbeat right turn and drive down off the Shimla highway. I never imagined that such a beautiful architecture was waiting to welcome us. There is a very well managed parking and a well-equipped canteen. No need to worry about parking and food.

However, road is not in such a good condition and at places it is too narrow for coming vehicle to pass comfortably. Again, I caution that don’t drive yourself unless you are very good at driving in hills. Road is too snaky and probability of getting parallax motion is real on this route. 

For such places, tourists should also take care that natural beauty of this place is not compromised at any cost.

Keep exploring Guys...

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