Jatoli Shiv Temple, Solan

Solan is a small town in Himachal Pradesh, but has one of the oldest breweries in India, is popular as “Mushroom city of India” and is also known as “City of Red Gold”. First 2 are self explanatory, well the "Red Gold" is for the tomatoes production, almost highest in the country.
Solan once a cantonment settlement, is one of the secrets of Himachal to be explored with some beautiful temples and scenic landscapes. Not just temples, Solan is home to tallest Lord Shiva temple in Asia, Jatoli Shiv Temple.

On way to Shimla from Kasauli, via Solan take a right turn on Rajgarh Road and drive for 8 km. to reach the scenic hilltop grand temple. Jatoli Shiv Temple is one of the sacred destinations in Solan, which attracts devotees from all over the country. Jatoli Shiv temple is the tallest temple of Lord Shiva in Asia and is also one of the very ancient temples. It is believed that Lord Shiva had visited this place and stayed for some time and reason behind the 112 ft. height of this temple is the Jatas (Hairs) of Lord Shiva.

This majestic architectural marvel resembles typical Southern-Dravidian style architecture and has 3 domes one after the other, before the main dome and took 39 years of construction to get this present shape.
In the 1950s, Saint Swami Krishnananda Paramahansa came here for worship and started working for the construction of Jatoli Shiva temple. Foundation was laid in the year 1974 by Swami Krishnananda Paramahansa. Swamiji attained Niravna in the year 1983; however the construction work was subsequently managed by the devotees and never stopped. Swami Krishnananda Paramahans used to reside inside a small cave, which is still well maintained as place of worship by the devotees.

On the top of the temple domes, images of Lord Ganesha and Shesh Naag can be seen, flanked by mighty Trident of Lord Shiva on both sides.
Opposite to the temple is the huge sculpture of Nandi (The BULL, guardian of Kailash and vehicle of Lord Shiva) along with other Ganas, worshiping the Lord Shiva:

To mention significance of Nandi - Cham Hindus in Vietnam believe that when they die, the sacred bull Nandi comes to take their soul to the holy land of India. Proud to be born in India. 

In the temple premises there is a small pious water tank whose waters is considered to have medicinal qualities that can treat various skin diseases. During Mahashivratri, annual fair is held here and a large of devotees arrive from far off places to offer prayers in the temple.

From the temple do not forget to enjoy 3600 panoramic views of the surrounding scenic landscapes. Even the drive to the temple is too scenic.

Statues of various gods and goddesses are installed in this temple, while crystal shivling is installed inside the temple. Apart from this, idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Saraswati have also been installed on the temple walls. Check the side view:

You can walk around in the premises, sit peacefully and enjoy the beautiful/ colorful architecture. However to capture the entire temple in one frame with your camera you need to bend your back.  

After spending an hour in the sacred premises, our next destination was 
another majestic spot, Mohan Shakti Heritage Park, 21 km. from this place. 

To mention - the Oldest brewery is none other than than Mohan Meakin Breweries, which still source water from Solan springs to maintain the signature taste.

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