Ashokan Rock Edict at Kalsi

While driving around Dakpathar (40 km. from Dehradun) came across a signboard showing way to “Kalsi”. Totally unaware about this spot we asked the locales about Kalsi. What we heard was “There is one stone with some ancient inscriptions”. We had some time in hand so started driving for Kalsi.
It took us around 45 minutes (approx. 21 km.) from Asan Barrage on Vikasnagar - Chakrata road, to reach the entrance gate of Kalsi.
Actual spot is approx. 200 m. from entrance gate. You can take your car inside the gate, with slight caution as slope is too steep.

Finally we were at Kalsi and started thinking what is inside?

Well in fact as told by the locales it is indeed a Rock Edict, not any ordinary but of Great King Ashoka. Edict of Ashoka at this place, how come? Many such questions started appearing from nowhere. At the same time I was also thanking myself to take the decision to uncover this spot. Some distance from the gate was the enclosure where the legendary rock has been preserved.

There is a big rock approx. 10 x 8 ft on which inscription is engraved in Prakrit language and Brahmi script. With due passage of time inscriptions have got fader, but still one can very clearly see some writings on the rock. Tried my level best with camera, but was able to get this only.

The rock edict is looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Only reasonable explanation for inscribing the rock edict at Kalsi is probably in those times Kalsi used to be a hub of trading route, with most of the traders coming from Tibetan plateau for business with India. Presence of a huge royal (decorated) elephant on the edict again emphasizes the importance of this literally unknown spot in those times. Presence of elephants signifies the prosperity of region in ancient times.

About the Edict:  

Do not miss out to enjoy the wonderful natural extravaganza from the spot.

By the way there are lots of Mango and Litchi orchards on the way to Kalsi. Try out; some of the owners may be benevolent enough to let you purchase the freshly plucked fruits. Thanks to this wonderful person, we were just making our kid see the mangoes tree, but this amazing human gifted a number of just freshly ripe mangoes. Just tasted amazing. 
Keep exploring Guys…

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