Anjaneya Parvat - Birth place of Lord Hanuman

Off late Vijaynagar had become a 2nd home, have been visiting it almost every 2nd week. While one of these visits got 3-4 hours break from my schedule, so thought of making use of these 3-4 hours. I knew of a hill top temple at Anjaneya Parvat, place believed to be birth place of Lord Hanuman.  So called up the taxi driver and asked if can do Anjaneya Parvat in 3-4 hours? Driver told yes, but slightly tough, Vow decision was taken and I was on my way to Anjaneya temple well before the first ray of sunlight.

Locally known as Anjaneyadri hill, this place is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman (the most powerful of the Gods). Nearby attractions like Pampa Lake, Rishimukh Parvat reinforces the connection of this place with the time of Ramayana. Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjaneya, that’s why the name of the hill as Anjaneya Parvat. 

Hanuman temple at the top of the hill is the main attraction here. However, you need to climb 575 stairs in order to reach the summit. Check out the way to hilltop temple.

The climb to top of the hill is a welcome to all trekkers. Place gets too heated up, but the Stairs are well constructed and covered.

However at some places you need to make your way from beneath the huge boulders.
Enjoying the trek, it took around 20 minutes to reach the hill top Hanuman Temple, white colour temple with a Red Flag. 
And a long pillar in front the entry gate. Prayer time to the all powerful Lord Hanuman.

Being associated with Lord Hanuman, presence of monkeys shall be an auspicious omen. There are lots of monkeys on the hill. But need not worry, the monkeys here are well mannered and disciplined. They will walk besides you/ pose for pictures, no problem at all. With their presence, monkeys look like they are guarding this place, staying true to the legend that this is the birthplace of their Supreme Deity, Lord Hanuman.

From the top we noticed that the stone boulders are not just huge but are gigantic. Rounded off from the edges, makes you wonder about stability of these boulders. Sheer size also makes these boulders a spot for some magic moments.

Pilgrims from far off places come to visit this hill top temple.

As told by locales, Anegundi was previously known as Kishkindha, same city of Monkey king Sugreev mentioned in Ramayana. And Kishkindha in local language means forest where monkeys live, by this time whatever doubts I had regarding birthplace of Lord Hanuman, were getting evaporated.

Anjeyanadri Hill is surrounded by lovely plantain and paddy fields. Early morning and evening time is best for capturing natural beauty of the surroundings. The sight of the Hampi valleys and the Tungabhadra River makes journey to the top more interesting.

Anjaneya (also pronounced as Anjana) Parvat is at a distance of 5 km. from the site of Hampi in Anegundi village. On the way, drive through the ruins of Hampi and river streams.

From Hyatt Hampi, I started at 5:30 AM and returned back by 9:30 AM, with lovely memories of another offbeat exploration.
Keep exploring Guys.

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