Canada: Best foods to try

I will continue driving for rest of my life on the above roads. With such locations; no doubt, Canada is one of the most desirable tourist destinations that you can find out there in the world. Since it is the second-largest country globally, you will be able to discover a fascinating geographical variety.


This is the main reason behind the thriving tourism industry that exists in the country. The main tourist attractions you can find in Canada are centered around Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, and the Canadian Rockies. The large cities in Canada are well-known for their diversity, historic sites, and national parks. 

eTA to Canada:

If you are interested in exploring the fascinating tourist attractions in Canada, you will have to obtain a visa. Depending on your residency, you will need to obtain a visa, and eTA Canada will be the best option available to proceed.


The Electronic Travel Authorization to Canada system, which is also known as eTA Canada, is a comprehensive system, which is being used to pre-screen all the travelers who are willing to get into Canada. It is applicable for tourists, business travelers, as well as passengers on transit.

This system was initially implemented back in May of 2016. It is the best alternative for the traditional visa process.


Best foods to try in Canada

When you obtain a visa to Canada, you should get ready to explore the fascinating food culture that exists out in Canada. There is something in the food which adds a ZING to the travel.


You can discover a variety of unique foods in Canada. Your tour to the country will not be complete without you try these foods. Here are the best foods that you should consume in Canada.


- Split Pea Soup

The Split Pea Soup is a traditional food in Canada. Canadians are consuming Split Pea Soup from the time where they initially settled in the new land. 

Since it was discovered by the settlers who came from France, you can think about calling this a French Canadian food. You can enjoy Split Pea Soup from most of the gourmet food shops that exist out there in Canada.


- Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars are a perfect dessert bar that you can enjoy in Canada. It is made out of vanilla-flavored butter icing, crumb mixture, and melted chocolate. Even though Nanaimo Bars' origins are not yet configured, it is believed that the recipe was initially published in a cookbook called The Ladies Auxiliary.


This book was created for the Nanaimo General Hospital. You can even prepare Nanaimo Bars at your home because its ingredients are available throughout all the supermarkets and grocery stores located across Canada.


- Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts can be considered a delectable Canadian dish. It was initially discovered back in the 19th Century

Butter Tarts come along with a crumbly crust. You can find a creamy mixture at the center that is made out of egg, sugar, and butter. You can find Butter Tarts in most coffee shops that can be found out there in Canada.


- Canadian pizza  

Canadian pizza is unique, and you should try it for a change. Canadian pizza was originated in Germany at Ron Telesky Canadian Pizza. You can find the Berlin menu plus many new options in the Canadian pizza outlets.


- BeaverTails

BeaverTails is a donut, but it doesn't have a hole. You can enjoy this delicious treat, which comes along with a sugar topping. You can get it with Nutella and numerous other sweets as well. 

Just to inform Beaver Tails is one of the most popular dish in Canada taking the name from resemblance to tail of Beaver bird, the National Bird of Canada is Beaver. Hey - but this is a totally classic Vegetarian dish/ dessert.


Final Words:

Keep these in mind and explore Canada's restaurants to get the best food tasting experience while you explore the country!

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