Kanch Mandir, Indore

He was known as then "Cotton King of India", had set up the first Jute Mill in India, he was from Indore and he had penchant for creating masterpieces. Millions of glass pieces have been out together in order to built this glittering temple of glass, known as Kanch Ka Mandir. Outer Hall of this temple has numerous artifacts, all made of innovative use of glass. All that glitters here is Glass, beautiful Glass:

The temple is located inside one of the most popular markets in Indore city. The construction began sometime around 1903, but location of this temple is located inside a busy market was baffling me. Probably market got developed over the time around this popular spot; however the ITWARIYA market is much older than the temple.

Reason is that this temple was built by Seth Hukumchand Jain, who was a prominent trader and one of early industrial pioneers in India. And the temple was constructed as a mansion, alongside the residence of Seth Hukumchand Jain at this spot. The temple is built as a mansion with a canopied balcony and shikhara.

Seth Hukumchand Jain was an illustrious business magnate honored with “Sir” in 1919. Along with this knighthood, Maharaja of Gwalior and Indore rulers also conferred numerous honors to Sir Seth Hukumchand Jain.

Glass panels, cut pieces of glasses and mosaics cover the entire internals of the temple.

As told to us by the temple priests that specialized glass craftsmen were hired from Jaipur and Iran to give the temple its present grandeur. In the main prayer hall, the idols of the Tirthankaras are kept in a room with mirrors on both sides. If you go close tot he hall, you can see infinite images.

Multicolored glass and tiles made of glass is something worth spending time and appreciation. Spend time here to observe the intricate designs crafted in glass pieces.

More about Seth Hukumchand Jain - Sir Seth Hukumchand Jain was known as then “Cotton King” of Indian and was also immensely popular for his choice of cars. The most important being GOLD plated DAIMLER Limousine, which is still maintained by royal family of Indore. He was one of the champions of the Khadi movement and Swadeshi movement.


For Information –

1.   Kaanch ka Mandir is at walking distance from Krishnapura Chhatris. Busy market makes driving your vehicle till the Mandir is very difficult. Better walk or hire an Auto, as there is no dedicated parking to the temple.

2.  Your driver or tour operator might say that temple can be seen in 15 minutes, but trust me it is worth spending an hour here.

3.  Photography is prohibited inside Temple premises. However I requested to the temple authorities for few clicks, being a travel blogger. So I was allowed to take a few pictures.

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  1. There are similar glass temples in Kanpur, Rishikesh and Haridwar also. Indeed they look very beautiful. I look forward to visiting Indore soon.

    1. Thanks Amit for the information. Indeed I will also plan a trip to Kanpur now.

  2. Thanks Gaurav for the compliment and wishes thru' Indi Mail.. I tried replying on IndiMail but the message was not going.. Wish you and your family a happy New Year, 2021.. Sorry, I missed replying to your mail in time.. Your Posts are quite interesting and you write well.. Take care.. All the best!


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