Handmade Rustic Wall Shelves

Plain Walls may appear clean and elegant to many, however in actual plain walls are an opponent to creative and vibrant living space. Collecting original artefacts and art pieces is not an easy task as well. So how to illuminate the boring plain walls? There must be an affordable way to invigorate your home walls, while keeping exclusivity intact.


One fine day, I received these wonderful Royal Rustic Hexagonal Wall Shelves, as a gift from Exclusivelane.com.


The Product: Burned Wood, to be specific Mango Wood and thereafter painted with rustic green shades immediately took me back to the memory lane to the doors of our ancestral house in Rajasthan. Inspired from the rustic doors of Rajasthan, these Wall Shelves serves as the perfect souvenir that dates back to centuries’ old tradition.


Mechanical Engineer inside me was all excited and I was ready with my toolkit to fix these shelves on the Wall. Though I used the drill machine to drill the holes in the wall, but normal nails pushed inside the wall with a hammer can be also used to hang the shelves. Each Shelf has 2 concealed holes at the back for hanging on the wall.

First step was to select any elegant but clean wall to hang up the shelves, which I did in no time. However difficult was to make a pattern of these Shelves which can augment the aura of these shelves. Its all your creativity and imagination will make your shelf pattern on the walls appear the way you would like them to be. Handcrafted and skillfully hand-painted in tea blue color, these hexagonal shaped wall shelves have an unusual, but authentic ethnic feel and a rustic finish. Whomsoever has visited Rajasthan can instantly connect this to the unmatched Rajasthani culture and associated Royalty.


It took me around 20 minutes to fix the 3 shelves on the walls, and that includes drilling holes, putting packing material, inserting Nuts into the wall, and HANGING the SHELVES. As easy as that, just ensure you take proper position of the holes as per the shelf. And the transformation result is awesome:

One thing which we all look while selecting a gift item is its exclusivity. Trust me, since after fixing these shelves whenever your eyes will fall upon these exclusive items, you will be reminded of the royal glory that now exists in your own home. Visible grains of wood with antique rustic finish are an eye soothing sight to everyone's eyes.

Good thing you can decide what to put on the shelves as per your choice. Check out the way I have been changing the content inside the shelves after every few days.

This one by the kids, stuffed with toys. Kids were more excited to arrange the shelves as per their choices - 

This one more - 

Packing: Though it is last activity for the supplier, but it is the first one to be noticed by the receiving customer. Despite it being an unbreakable item, the item has been packed with more than enough bubble wrapping to eliminate any possibilities of accidental damage.

Not only bubble wrap, the items were tightly packed with another plastic wrapping to ensure shelves do not scratch against each other in transit.


Care/ Instructions: To ensure the color retains its original charm, the shelves shall be cleaned with a dry but soft cloth, however a piece of mildly wet cloth can be used as well to retain the exclusivity and texture of the paint. 

Keep exploring and keep gifting Guys with https://exclusivelane.com/

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