Token of Baklava

To think well, love well, and to sleep well one has to enjoy his/ her food. Till it melted in the mouth, I did not realize that Turkish delicacy has been delivered to our doorstep. That feeling when Taste buds feel sumptuous as, perhaps next to nothing in this world.


Seeing the baklava, I went back into the memories of my Turkey trip, wherein a health nut like me could not resist having Baklavas in tonnes, be it morning or afternoon or any time of the day. It was an instant recall of the Turkey trip, wherein I loved munching on different food items everywhere as much I enjoyed exploring various places.


You can bring back the memories in form of pictures or souvenirs, but local cuisine can be bought back in limited quantity, if at all. You may enjoy local food as much as you can during the trip, but thereafter you can only crave for that sweet/ dessert or anything you tasted in your trip.

About Baklava - Baklava is a traditional Turkish sweet, blended with various dry fruits like ground walnuts, almonds, pistachios along with honey and nutritious elements. 

Isn't it tempting? I need to say that I enjoyed every bite of this delicacy. Honey sweetened and softly wrapped outer crust compliments the flavors of the grounded nuts and as you bite these freshly prepared tarts you will appreciate the taste of each ingredient. To describe Baklava in few words - Crunchy Nuts in a soft Crispy wrap. Baklava has an impeccable legacy in Turkey:

  • There used to be a popular Turkish saying – I am not wealthy enough to have a Baklava every day. 
  • Until 20th century, Baklava used to be a luxury delicacy, available only on special occasions.
  • In 2013 EU had granted PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status to Baklava, Turkish Baklava.

Once you will taste these Baklava tarts, the word “Authentic” will get added automatically. As soon as the box was opened, it was an instant hit with the Kids and grown-ups were also unable to resist.  Baklava tarts sprinkled with ground Pistachios make the delicacy impossible to resist. Packet was emptied within a couple of minutes. 

Price may seem a little steep when counting the number of tarts, however taste will comfortably silent the thoughts about pricing. Someone has rightly pointed - “If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world”. You can enjoy Baklava as a snack along with your evening Tea or as a dessert with your dinner., Can I get one more box of Baklava tarts? I enjoyed savoring the delicacies and delightful experience. No need to revisit Turkey, at least for Baklavas. Hope you will also enjoy pampering your taste buds.

(Travel Diaries was recently sent a gift hamper of Baklava Tarts by

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