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When I finally reached my destination, I realized that I was too tired. So, I had to sit back for the sake of recharging myself before I could have thought of exploring the destination.


While I was sitting and recalling the drive to the spot, a thought flashed to my mind – “Was this the RIDE, I should be PROUD of, or I will CHERISH FOREVER”. Probably not.


Perhaps in my excitement quest to reach the destination ASAP, I drove too fast and pushed myself to the limits. I forgot that “LIFE is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION”.


Essence of Life lies in enjoying the moments and Essence of TRAVEL lies in ENJOYING the Roads as well. This resonates with practically most of us, especially while driving. Being myself an avid Roadtripper, trust me “Taking a couple of breaks to appreciate the beauty of the roads and surrounding natural landscapes will not delay your journey, but will surely add the Magic to your spirit”.


For most of my trips till date I have been driving myself. Bringing you the collected and selected Roads from offbeat and hidden spots, for those who understands that “Journey is the destination itself”.

1) Road to Naddi Village, 3 km. from Mcleod Ganj - 

2) Walkways in Jageshwar - 

3) Road to Malana, place which is still lying disconnected from mainland - 

4) Road to Kothandaramar Temple, from Rameshwaram. Splendid, with Bay of Bengal on one side  

    and Gulf of Munnar on another -

5) Road alongside Deendayal Upadhyay Park, Udaipur - 
6) Road to Rohtang, perhaps every traveller wants to drive on this road -
7) View of the hilly drive road from Jatoli Shiv Temple, Solan - 
8) View of Road to Shimla, from driving to Kasauli, - 
9) Road to Nahan -
10) Munnar Roads (contributed by Gaurav Khattar, founder
11) Riverside road, on way to Patal Bhubaneshwar, from Jageshwar -
Enough of Hills and Rivers, lets take a turn to colorful, barren roads of Rajasthan.

12) Road to Neelkanth Temple on barren stretches of Alwar -

13) Desert landscaped flank this road from Shahpura to Triveni Sangam -
14) One of the roads in Golden City of Jaisalmer, flanked by numerous Wind Mills-
15) Hanging Roads while going to Lachung from Gangtok -
16) If you happen to drive through NOIDA, do take a minute to appreciate these beautifully painted vistas -

After all roads are lifelines of a country and are as much important to travelers/ road trippers like me. Enjoy driving in our beautiful country, get your vehicle serviced and may carry a tyre inflator and a good torch light for any unanticipated exigency. 

Keep exploring Folks. 

Gaurav Verma

A passionate Traveler who wants to see the whole world before hanging his boots. Always ready to explore offbeat and hidden spots. MBA + Engineer from Ivy league colleges, Gaurav is much sought after for his choice of lifestyle activities and Brand promotional campaigns.


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  1. Will be great, if you start sharing your pictures with your machine in these awesome roads and places.

  2. Beautiful pictures👌👌.
    Sure to arouse the appetite of travellers.
    Have travelled on some of these roads, but look forward to explore the rest. 👍👍

    1. Thanks a TON Shelly. Extremely glad to have your positive feedback. That's all is the motivation which keeps us going.

  3. Appreciate all the efforts that you have taken to do such a detailed post! It is a great reference for people who are planning this road trip. Fabulous pictures and everything is well-captured. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Mithali for your motivating feedback. Extremely happy, you liked the post.

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