Aahana, the Corbett Wilderness Resort - Redefining Luxury with Responsibility

Somewhere there is always a place where you can be a free bird, where you can talk to the birds, where you can walk around the trees and where you can leave all the stress behind to re-calibrate your lives. Jim Corbett is one fantastic place to trip and when you search for best resorts in Jim Corbett National Park, name of Aahana, The Corbett Wilderness Resort appears as one of the preferred choices at whichever site you are using.

It’s better to see something once, rather than to read about it a thousand times.

Inspired by the reviews and feedback, I was enticed to make some classic memories at Aahana Resort in order to rejuvenate and breath some fresh air into my suffocated lungs from Delhi-NCR. A personal lawn surrounded with garden in front of your luxurious suite, relishing morning Tea under blue skies and a glass of wine by the poolside, evening bonfire, and birdwatching to make loads of memories with your loved ones. Memories make life worthwhile; you will make a lot of them.

From entry gate till reception, line of trees on both sides of the track was merely a glimpse on the wonderful place we were enteringLarge outdoor gardens, blossoming flowers and equally warm hospitality will surely keep you enthralled during your stay at Aahana.

Spread over 13.5 acres and placed between ideally placed between the dense jungles of the Corbett Tiger reserve and a local farming village, every moment spent at Aahana makes one feel like walking in the Corbett National Park. Everything about Aahana is surely going to mesmerize you. This amazing resort not only offers unparalleled luxurious convenience but also stunning rooms, long nature walks and amazing dining options. Let’s scroll through the resort.

1.     Stunning Rooms:

Room no. 114, Ranger’s Suite, provided to me had a king-sized bed and a living room to compliment the luxurious ambience Aahana resort breathes into every room to make your stay memorable. The ambience and how the Suite welcomes you from outside. 

Exquisite design and beautifully structured, Suites are carefully designed with Forest theme, keeping luxury at heart. Just pull the curtains to Welcome morning sunshine. Check out -  

Fresh air can do wonders for your mood and outlook. There was a personal lawn in front of room no. 114, from where I took time to join the morning meeting with my office and in process made my colleagues jealous of the time I was having in the lavish natural settings.

Probably this was one of the interesting moments of my stay 
and couple of my colleagues took the details about the property. Relax with a kindle and enjoy your favorite books. 

Amenities in the Room -

·  Electric kettle is handy to make tea/ Coffee of your choice from number of pouches kept in the room.

·  LED Television however, for the first time in all of my travels I did not switch ON the TV as everything about Aahana kept me occupied for 2 Nights and 3 Days of stay.

·  Iron and Ironing Board.

·  Electronic Safes, bathrobes, and slippers in the Ward robe

·  Glass partitioned shower and premium toiletries, dental kit, shaving kit and a hairdryer in the washroom.  

2.     Nature Walks:
Walking is the most ancient exercise and still the best modern exercise. And walking along with nature is to witness a thousand miracles. If I consider miracles as trees, you are in for a treat at Aahana.

Only 30% of total area has been used for construction and rest 70% is all about 4000 trees and 200 species of birds chirping and approx. 20 species of butterflies. 1.2 km. of walking track within the resort premises is surrounded by almost 100 different types of trees to make you feel like walking in a forest.

Unlike other properties where you may have to go outdoors in search of naturescape, at Aahana Nature is just at your door. To ensure you take back information about the diverse Flora, specialized Naturalists have been engaged to provide information about the variety of trees along with their benefits.

Spend time to check the Maina Luvka, Bamboo trees (Tiger bamboo, Pencil bamboo, Buddha bamboo), Malubel and many likewise, have a virtual walk around Aahana.

3.     Luxury Dining Options:

Travelling and Food goes hand in hand and signature Dhikala Restaurant with amazing dining options ensures taste buds are in good taste.

Aahana is Sanskrit word and means “First Ray of Sun”. This is how I enjoyed the morning tea amidst lush green surroundings while spending quality time with my kid –

Dhikala Restaurant is delicately located alongside the pool. 

And after a revitalizing morning tea, more happiness showered in form of a poolside breakfast with variety of options from Indian and international cuisines and all-time favourites omelettes. There is a live counter to order Dosas and Omelettes. Do try specially curated Cheese Omelettes.
Here I got introduced to stir fried Mongolian Noodles. The taste was so yummy that I realized that Discovery of a new dish matters more for happiness than the discovery of a new star. No doubt, Food is loved most by the humans. Along with international cuisines presence of Indian delicacies like Kair Sangri and Kamal kakdi (Lotus Stem) multiplied the joy.
The Dhikala restaurant is a great place to unwind in the evening. Evening starts with a Bonfire along with musical band paying your favorite tunes along with high tea and snacks.

That’s how we need to re-calibrate our life. After the dinner you may go back to your room but trust me, the restaurant will have your heart with its liveliness. You can also join the live band for your favorite songs or enjoy the ambience with a glass of wine.   

To mention – All the vegetables used in preparation at Dhikala Restaurant are 
grown organically at in-house organic farms. Freshness is delivered straight to your plate. So, eat as if nobody is watching and enjoy food like that's the only thing left in your world.

In between dining, walking in the premises and appreciating the room settings there will be lot of time to be spent. Well, there are several options to keep you engaged during your stay likewise indulging in a game of Pool, Table Tennis, Badminton Court, Birdwatching and a Carrom room to take you back to your college days' common room times. Bagpipe symphonies are also available in evenings.

There’s hardly anything more beautiful than teaming up with your kids for above activities and
there is ample space to cycle around with your kid within the resort premises. There is a dedicated Kids Zone where kids are attended for painting and drawings. Make sure you do bring your little ones as well to Aahana to let them play around like a free bird.

Forgot to mention resort also has a Spa and Naturopathy Centre and local women from the nearby village have been trained for the services.

Aahana Resort has been consistently featured in “Top 25 Luxury Resorts in India”.  Indeed, you will be spoilt for luxury choices here at Aahana. Apart from Luxurious Stay, Delightful Dining and Nature walks, there is more to Aahana Resort, something, which sets apart Aahana Resort from the pack. Likewise, Canna plant Root Zone Treatment for treating wastewater. Read more about “Sustainability Initiatives” at Ahana. 

To summarize – I went to Aahana Resort for a luxurious stay but came back appreciating the Sustainability Initiatives as well, which reminds everyone can play small part towards Sustainability of our Environment. 

So, whether you are visiting Jim Corbett or even 100-200 km. from Jim Corbett, a visit Aahana, The Corbett Wilderness Resort will surely make for awesome memories. If you have read so far, please do enjoy a virtual tour of Aahana Resort…

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  1. As you said it is better to see rather to read. After reading your article would like to visit such a nice place.

    1. Thank you for dropping by. The place is worth visiting, spending quality time and making lovely memories...

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