Hummel, Lutz Unisex Grey Sneakers

It is a crowded space for getting a Sneaker, however there is a dearth of options when you are trying to get a good Sneaker which is exciting enough for party occasions. While surfing for such an option came across collection from Hummel and I was quite impressed to check them out. Within a few minutes of hovering around the site, I bought the model Lutz Unisex Grey Sneaker.

Received the Sneakers on 2nd day from ordering and in good shape. At first look:

1.     Well styled and pinch of orange colour along with chevron stripes not only add to styling, but also make up for a sporty look.

2.      Sneakers are extremely light weight. I thought at first that the received Shoe box is empty.

3.      I had ordered size 6.5 and fitting was perfect to my feet. 

After using the Sneakers for a couple of weeks for long walks and casual running, Product Features, as follows


Looks premium with quality Mesh and added padding. There are 6-eyelets, but the elastic strap with chevron arrows provides for some self-adjustment of the middle part of the sneakers to your feet.

I walked/ ran casually for about 2-3 kms continuously on road/ cemented surface ant at times carried some shopping bags as well. Feet do not feel hot even after continuous walk/ slow jogging for continuous couple of hours. Have not found any crease lines on the upper after 2 weeks of usage.



Outer appearance may not decide the most important part, the comfort while walking/ running. With this Lutz Unisex Grey Sneaker, insole is probably the best part of these Sneakers. It is plush, soft and has retained the shape after 2 weeks of use. However, it is still too early to comment whether the insole will remain in this condition for continued use for next 4-5 or 6 months.


Heel is well padded with a cushion of approx. 1.5 cm. The Memory foam foot bed offers good support and comfort to the heel during brisk walks. I felt comfortable after doing 2-3 hours brisk walking on regular basis. The pull-out tab on the back of the heel works well to pull up the Sneakers.

Despite without rubber, Outsole provides good grip and looks durable to last 5/6 months. I will again update this part after 2-3 months of usage. Time to update after 3 months of use.

Time to update after 3 months of use as promised. I had used the Shoes for mild trekking at Raneh Falls, wherein got good grip while maneuvering the stones and regular running on weekends. Till date as on 16th March 2023, Outsole and Upper are in pretty good condition.

Fit & Comfort in Lutz Unisex Grey Sneaker

Size UK 6 is tight to my feet and UK 7 is at times lose. I ordered UK size 6.5 as UK 7 was not available. UK 6.5 sized Sneakers feels like made for my feet only, thanks to the plush insole and padding. The plushness is what makes it warm and comfortable for any extended walks.


If you are running on Road or cemented treks, after 1-1.5 km. or so, your Toe may feel uncomfortable as at times thumb can get a feel of hard trekking surface. A little more cushion below the toe would have improved a lot. However, no issues if you are jogging on grass/ un-cemented soil. 
The Sneakers serves the purpose well for walking, slow jogging and exercising activities. Sneakers allows you to focus on body performance and enjoy your activities. Sneakers are stable and provide ample grip in normal usage, but a Rubber pad/ some rubber at the bottom would have been better for brisk runs. Use your good thinking if trying these Sneakers for adventure activities or extreme sports.
To summarize:
1.      Good product with reasonable cost, comfortable to wear for a regular walker.
2.      Sufficient padding to keep your feet comfortable even for long walks & runs.
3.      EXTREMELY LIGHT WEIGHT shoes for ample comfort for your ankles.
4.      Sufficient shoelace, not very long or very short.
5.    Orange color compliments with grey shade to add for styling and provide a premium look. Such styling can be used for parties as well.
6.    Adequate ventilation by the quality mesh to keep the feet fresh and looks a good quality stink free product. Sneaker is made up of synthetic material so will not absorb sweat as well to give thar stinking feel while removing the Shoes.

I will RECOMMEND these Sneakers for everyday walking, jogging and sometimes outdoor gaming. These are light weight sneakers which you can wear all day or use them for exercise activities. Walking is the most ancient and still the best exercise.

Contrasting orange colour and chevron arrows strip add up to style quotient and make Lutz Unisex Grey Sneaker a great lifestyle accessory to get noticed.

Gaurav Verma

A passionate Traveler who wants to see the whole world before hanging his boots. Always ready to explore offbeat and hidden spots. MBA + Engineer from Ivy league colleges, Gaurav is much sought after for his choice of lifestyle activities and Brand promotional campaigns.

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