Matangeshwar Temple, Khajuraho

All good things shall start with praying to the GODS. Khajuraho exploration too shall start with praying at Matangeshwar Mahadev Temple, located just before entry to Western Group of Temples. Matangeshwar Temple was built by the Chandela dynasty ruler Chandra Dev in the early 10th century AD, and it is one of oldest temples in Khajuraho.

The only ancient temple in Western group of temples where daily worship of Shivling is carried out. Shivling is 9 ft. high and is one of the largest Shivling in India. Lord Shiva in avatar of Shivling is dressed like groom on occasion of Maha Shivratri and draws visitors/ devotees from all over the World. Atmosphere inside the temple is so electrifying that one cannot resist from chanting "Har Har Mahadev" and "ॐ नमः शिवाय". 
Some Facts about secrets about mysteries associated with Matangeshwar Temple:
1)   Matangeshwar Shivling is considered a living Shivling as it grows every year by approx. an inch from top and bottom combined. From top the height increases by measure of a Seasame seed. That is why Shivling is 9 ft. above ground. 
2)  Every Year during Sharad Purnima in month of Kartik, height of Shivling is measured by Tourism department officials. And every year Shivling is found to be longer than previous years. 
3)   It is believed that Lord Shiva has gifted a Markat Mani (Precious and Magical Stone) to eldest of the Pandavas, king Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir in turn gave the Mani to Matang Rishi who in turn entrusted Chandela king Harsh Varman to guard this divine stone. Scared for the safety of Markat Mani, it is believed that the king Harsh Varman buried the Mani in the ground. Due to divine powers, Mani took the form of Shivling, which exists now, and it grows in size. 
4)     It is believed that when Shivling reaches the Patal Lok, that will be end of present Kali Yug. 

Just at entrance of the temple, a statue of Lord Ganesha sits outside the temple in open. 

Matangeshwar Temple can be visited from 6 AM - 10 PM. Keep exploring Folks.

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