Bateshwar Dham, Agra district

Rivers are like magic. A magic which unfolds at every turn, magic which is constantly moving and is the living part of the earth. Those who sit at riverbanks know the magic of flowing waters and its connection with natural world. River Yamuna creates such a divine magic at Bateshwar.
Bateshwar is a small village hidden between Agra and Etawah in Uttar Pradesh. Approx. 80 km. from Agra City, 8 km. from Bah and on the banks of sacred Yamuna River is the Bateshwar Dham, a spiritual and cultural spot for people in this region. Starting at 7:00 AM from Noida, it took us around 5.5 hours to reach Bateshwar Dham. From Agra onwards the drive to Bateshwar cuts through the sand dunes of Chambal. Terrific view of the surroundings and perfect tarmac of the expressway ensure a smooth and comfortable drive.  
Little we knew, we were about to explore a perfectly hidden spot, a holy place with immense religious significance and whose riverfront is decorated by 51 Shiv Temples along the riverbank. First glimpse of the clean ghats will make you fall in love with the place.
Bateshwar Nath Mahadev temple is the main temple in the premises. Dedicated to God Shiv, it is believed that under the huge Banyan tree in front of the temple, God Shiv took rest for some time. That is how the place got its name Bateshwar, Bat (Banyan Tree) + Ishwar (God), the Banyan God.

People come here from far off places and tie around a bell in the premises to seek blessings or as thanksgiving to God Shiv. Such has been the significance of this place that in past, even dacoits used to worship here and offer bells. Like these, once can find lot of bells in the premises -

Another notable temple, carrying immense significance is Gauri Shankar temple. The temple has the only statue of its kind in the world where God Shiv has a big moustache and is dressed like a wealthy merchant. Goddess Parvati and Ganesh Ji sites along with Shiv ji and Kartikeya is on the opposite wall. Devotees come from over all over the region to seek blessings for happy and peaceful family life at this temple.

Married females decorate Goddess Parvati with bangles and vermilion (सिंदूर) to seek blessings for happy married life. Do not miss the statue of Kartikeya on the wall in front of God Shiv -
Apart from these two temples there are number of temples along the ghats. Bateshwar town finds mention in Matasya Puran and in Mahabharat as Shouripur, city of king SuriSen. Around 40 temples were re-built by Raja Badan Singh of Bhadawar’s dynasty when he had moved the capital from Mai to Bateshwar, around 400 years ago. Subsequent kings built 108 temples at this place and since ages Bateshwar Dham has been a centre of immense significance to Hindus.
Other temples are Rameshwar Mahadev, Neelkantheshwar Mahadev, Moteshwar Mahadev, Mahakaleshwar Dham, Bade Bihari Ji Dham, Mallikarjun Dham, Dashmeshwar Dham, Baijnath Dham and more.
Some way ahead from the premises in Pataleshwar Mahadev, wherein the 4 faced Shivling is approx. 10 ft. below the ground.
Almost all of the temples are maintained on daily basis and devotees offer prayers in each of the temples. Have a look at Shivlings of Bateshwar temples, Moteshwar Mahdev and Nageshwar Mahadev - 
After worshipping a scenic boat trip on Yamuna waters is a must to soak into the real essence of Bateshwar. Rivers are the veins of the earth through which the lifeline comes to the heart. Feel privileged to experience movement of Yamuna waters full of life, persistence, and infinity of variation at Bateshwar. 
Decorated boats slowly drifting along with the river waters till the curve of Yamuna provides not only will renew the spirts but also make for a panorama par excellence for clicking numerous pictures of the inline temples. Enjoy the songs of river Yamuna from the boat ride and do not miss the chance to take a dip in the holy waters -
Bateshwar town comes to life on Mondays as many devotees from nearby regions come to worship. In Sharavan month per Hindi calendar, devotees bring Ganga Water in their Kanwar and offer to God Shiv. It is also believed that God Shiv comes to Bateshwar in Kartik month to take a dip in Yamuna waters.
More about Bateshwar -
     1.      In earlier times, kingdoms of Bhadawar and Mainpuri were always fighting with each other. To end the enmity both kings (Badan Singh Bhadauria and Parmar of Mainpuri) decided to marry their children. Destiny had other plans as both kings were blessed with girl child around same time. But Badan Singh falsely informed Parmar of being blessed with a boy. When daughter of Badan Singh came to know about the lies of her father and to safeguard the respect of her father, she started praying to God Shiv Ji at Bateshwar. With the blessings of God Shiv, the daughter turned into a handsome Prince as soon as she tried to end her life by jumping into river Yamuna.
Ecstatic king Badan Singh Bhadauria then laid foundations of 108 Shiv temples at Bateshwar Dham. Temples were subsequently completed by his predecessors. However, due to lack of maintenance and gradual erosion, only 51 temples are standing at present.
     2.      Also, Bateshwar is the ancestral village of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Vajpayee Ji along with his elder brother had got arrested in 1942 from Bateshwar for participating in Quit India movement. Ashes of Vajpayee Ji were immersed at Bateshwar ghats.
Rightly said rivers are a direct connect with the past. The area is sparsely populated. Better to have breakfast/ Lunch at one of the restaurants along Taj Expressway, before Agra or carry your food with you. Keep exploring folks…

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