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Bisrakh Village - Birth place of demon king Ravana

An old temple stands in Greater Noida’s non-descript small Bisrakh village. Got to know one fine day, that Bisrakh village near to Noida is believed to be birth place of demon king Ravana and that ancient temple stands testimony to that. Ooh la la, I have been in Noida for the last 8 years but never had heard about this village and this associated history piece.

After speculating for a couple of weeks about the place and searching on internet about it, one fine Saturday I decided to just drive and find out more about this place. It took me around 30-35 minutes from my home to reach Bisrakh village, the birth place of Ravana. Finally I reached the spot where an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva stands. Here I am at the temple entrance praying to lord Shiva and seeking benevolence to explore this spot.

Collecting the ancient links at Bithoor

Peaceful ambience of a riverside settlement appeals to everyone; 
Why not? The river ghats have been the sole witness for civilization transitions since times immemorial and have always celebrated the traditions while continuing journey with changing times. As I always say, take life as it comes and try to make the best of whatever comes your way. It was one of those moments, when I got some free time for myself in Kanpur. So managed to reach Bithoor, a small town located 27 km away from Kanpur, on the banks of River Ganga. 
Though I was aware about the name Bithoor and its location alongside river Ganga, however was totally unaware of its ancient roots. What could have been more ancient, the place which is considered as birth place of Lav-Kush, you got it right sons of Lord Ram. Also Bithoor was the centre for Revolt of 1857 as Nana Sahib, then Peshwa of Maratha Empire led the freedom struggle revolt from here.

So got to know that the small town of Bithoor has both historical and religious importance. It is also believed that Lord Brahma selected Bithoor as his abode and performed Ashwmedh Yajna at this place. Because of which Bithoor came to be known as Brahmavart and the place where I was standing is known as Brahmvart Ghat. There is a small temple, “Brahma Khoonti” dedicated to Lord Brahma at the Brahmvart Ghat. It is so small that prayers are done from the outside only. As per Brahmvart Puran, this point is the centre point of the earth. Close your eyes to feel the divine vibes.

Pilgrims from far off places come here to pray at Brahmvart Ghat and see the Valmiki Ashram. My country has been blessed with such a heritage, which makes us proud on our civilization.


Govardhan: Where Lord Krishna played

The 21km parikrama of the hill is both spiritual and a test of fitness.

Sarnath - Where Lord Buddha first preached...

The Holy city of Varanasi has been a symbol of spiritualism for thousands of years and has been a centre of enlightenment and awakening for many great thinkers and preachers. Almost all the renowned saints/ personalities like Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Kabir, Tulsi Das, Adi Shankaracharya, Ramanuja and Patanjali have been associated with this city in one way or other.

Lord Buddha too started his journey from this place. After Lord Buddha has attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya he came to "Sarnath", located 10 kms. from Varanasi. This was the fortunate place where Lord Buddha gave the first teachings of what enlightened the world as "Buddhism".

On reaching Sarnath, the first monument to come our way is the 
CHAUKHANDI STUPA. Stupa is a huge mound of brickwork whose square edifice is surrounded by an octagonal tower. What a gigantic structure this is...? Construction of such a huge structure with only brick work might not get approval in present times:


Varanasi - Divine blessings in the land of temples

........................ is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.....By Mark Twain

This is a city renowned for its religious and artistic activities since times immemorial. This city has been a cultural centre of India since several thousands of years and as per the available historical details this city is older than most of the religions in the World.

Its none other than one of the most colourful, spiritual, and charismatic places in India, welcome to "VARANASI", also known as KASHI or BENARAS. Place where temples outdo the number of people, Varanasi is one of the most spectacular and visited cities on this earth. Considered to be auspicious by the presence of "Lord Shiva" this sacred place is believed to have the power of washing away all the sins; those who die and gets cremated here is liberated from the cycle of life and death and attains " मोक्ष (Moksha)".   

Varanasi is one place where you can venture out without any schedule or fixed program and take my words you will not be disappointed while coming back. There is a glorious history associated with every part of this city. No surprise you can also find people from many nationalities getting familiar with diverse Indian traditions in the city.   


Safari at Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

If it would have been in my hands, I would have been living in the woods; surrounded by trees and nearby flowing river. I would have got up in the morning with the chirping of the birds, morning walk with bears and dears, farming/ cultivation in the afternoon and in the evening having a cup of Tea beneath the trees. I was enjoying the tea and all of a sudden a loud horn of the automobiles and I was out of my lovely dream. It was the time to accelerate my car. Insane traffic broke my dream but the thought was too adamant to leave my brain. I kept on thinking about the dream for some days, till I got engulfed with my routine schedule.

It was yet another visit to Agra when I spotted the sign board for "Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary", around 25 Km. from Mathura. 

At first I was wondering as I have not heard the name before and to be honest I was totally unaware that such a bird sanctuary exists and that too so near to Agra (12 km. to Agra). How come I have never noticed this park during my earlier drives through Agra? However true to my nature I had started early from Delhi, so I took the liberty of exploring the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. Start early whenever you are on for a road trip, you might get some surprises the way I got.

There is a very nominal entry fee, but the better part is that you can take your car inside the sanctuary. However it is expected from the visitors to not to disturb the animals and birds, so please refrain from honking. All the roads are yours, whether it is a concrete or  kucha road. Moving slowly on way which was covered and surrounded by trees from both sides, was nothing less than the royal welcome by the nature.

Extravagant nature which was outside the window panes compelled us to stop the car and enjoy the walk. You can park your car as per the convenience and enjoy the Jungle Safari:

It was the first time I got the chance to tread into the forests. Whistling woods had created a magnetic field around us and we were getting sucked inside the forests despite the warnings that tourists should not go too inside the forests. Though there were occasional sounds of snakes hissing and other animals, but those were far too small and weak to dampen our spirits.

Where there is a will there is a way. I am not a wild life expert, but still I was exploring whatever was coming my way:

Once our souls were contended of the astonishing flora, we restarted our pursuit for the unexplored. We were due for an amazing surprise in the form of "Keetham Lake". On a foggy afternoon and laden with clouds, witnessing the lake in its full natural grandeur was simply an out of the world experience. 

Observing the lake from the distance was not my cup of Tea, so I took the plunge downsides to be at the closest point of the lake. The moment was nothing less than being in a wonderland. There were a lot shells were lying on the bed of the lake, we too picked a few as a souvenirs. Suddenly I went back recalling my dream, which had met an abrupt end due to the city traffic. I got the walk in the woods and a nearby lake too, it was the time to thank the Gods for their benevolence.

As we were about to start back a forest guard told us not to miss the Bears. You guessed it right he was talking about the cute animal.

We took no time in reaching the bears' place. The fenced boundary wall visible in the below picture is the official residence of the "Bears".  

However to meet the resident we had to walk to the nearby watch tower. But it was very difficult for me to resist the temptation, so I tried to see the animal by going atop a tree. My efforts went in vain as I was not able to get any sight of the Bears. Hard luck, I started to walk again.

All is well that ends well. The moment we reached at the top of the watch tower, there was a very huge bear in front of us, Bear did not kept us waiting.

With that we were almost at the limit of our available time. It took us around 2 hours to go around the Sanctuary, but the memories gathered were much more. When ever you plan to drive to this side keep some time for romancing the woods.

From the next time on wards whenever I will be driving to Agra a stop at this Bird Sanctuary will be a necessary part of the schedule. 

So Friends keep on enjoying the world and keep travelling....



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