July 11, 2011

On the Roads: Delhi to Gwalior

325 Km. from Delhi, driving along NH-2 and NH-3. If statistics sounds boring - you are in for a surprise and reconsideration of your thoughts.

It was in the month of March I got a chance to drive till Gwalior. Though I knew that the highway is in good condition, but I was still skeptical about the real picture. It was not a planned one, but as I always say "Good travelers never plan in advance", all of a sudden a divine thought struck me - lets drive all the way to Gwalior. With all the spirits roaring, I started at early afternoon, however it is always better to start in the early morning to escape the heavy traffic of Delhi.

For the first 200 Km. till Agra you will be witnessing the vastness of agricultural fields.

Road side Motels/ Dhabas in the way will present ample opportunities to relax and refreshments. Keep chilling and driving....Believe me even a cup of Tea or refreshments will be a unique experience.

If you can take out 1-2 hours, you can visit Mathura, birthplace of Lord Krishna. Keep some time for Agra, you can not afford to miss "The Taj Mahal".

I was lucky to witness the roaring clouds, that added a zing to my drive. That's called speed photography, I took this pic from the car while driving (do not complain to the police)--

From Agra onwards you will be a part of Chambal Valley. It is very difficult to remove sights from the exceptionally beautiful landscapes formed by sandy hills of Chambal Valleys. Romance, adventure and driving, all at same place.

You can stop your car and take a walk and sit around the small water body. Don't get scared as there are no wild animals here.

In Delhi we do not get to drive with window glasses down (too much pollution), but here I cherished driving with open windows. Landscapes are simply breath taking, check out -

At many instances, you will come very close to the railway track. Check out the view I captured while standing on the road:

Be it the adjacent Railway Track, Chambal River or the highway itself...Everything is compelling enough to apply the brakes, come out of the car, enjoy the fresh air, appreciate the amazing beauty and not to forget... take some pics.

Vow...Now tell me who says it is required to go to hills or drive 2000 miles from your house to capture Sunset like this...

With the tremendous growth of India as economic superpower, Highways have improved considerably. Driving is a sheer pleasure. However if you are nature lover, you will be focusing more on the amazing surroundings which accompany you for most of the distance from Delhi to Gwalior.

The only hitch is the 5 times payment, you need to shell out as Toll tax. There is always Pros and Cons attached with everything, even Rose comes with thorns.

If you have some time, drop a visit to Mitawali, the place which inspired the design of Indian PArliament house (Sansad Bhawan). Mitawali is situated in Morena district and is around 30-40 km before Gwalior.

Keep Driving, keep travelling....



  1. Great!! Chambal valley is very pretty and I agree that Delhi's traffic kills. Oh, and pollution too. But there is hardly any city without these things. Beautiful sunset.

    Keep traveling and keep posting pics!!

  2. U dint mention the reason why U went to Gwalior

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  4. Hey it's an amazing post. I really like the way you posted about Gwalior. My heart holds a mad connection with Gwalior. The people there are exceptionally awesome and I love the calmness of the city. I too traveled to Gwalior but it was not a package tour nor for any sight seeings.

    Mine was same day round trip from Delhi to Gwalior by road. Just a little piece of my experience that I had during the trip. :)

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  10. Such a very beautiful article, well written dear.

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