Drive to Chambal Safari: Delhi - Deeg - Gwalior - Orchha

325 Km. from Delhi, driving along NH-2/ Expressway and NH-3 for 6-7 hours. If statistics sounds boring - you are in for a surprise and reconsideration of your thoughts.

It was one fine day I got a chance to drive till Gwalior. I knew that the highway is in good condition but was still skeptical about the real picture. It was not a planned one, but as I always say, "Good travelers never plan in advance", all of a sudden, a divine thought struck me - lets drive all the way to Chambal Ravines till Gwalior. With all the spirits roaring, I started at early afternoon, however it is always better to start in the early morning to escape the heavy traffic of Delhi.

If you take expressway, you will directly reach Agra. However, if you take NH-2, then there are lot of options for sightseeing in the way, apart from vastness of agricultural fields.

Roadside Motels/ Dhabas in the way will present ample opportunities to relax and refreshments. Fresh Paranthas with a cup of Tea will be unique refreshments for the soul.

If you have 1-2 hours in your kitty, you can visit Mathura, birthplace of Lord Krishna. Right turn from Mathura towards Govardhan and 36 km. straight drive will take you to Deeg Palace, a majestic Jal Mahal, Water Palace. Check out the picture of Deeg Palace
On reaching here you will wonder why such a place is lying hidden. For nature lovers and bird watching enthusiasts there is Sur Sarovar Wild Life Sanctuary on the way to Agra, 40 km. from Mathura on your left-hand side at NH-2, just before Agra.

Just at the entrance of Agra is Sikandra Tomb, mausoleum of Akbar. 

Out of all visitors to city of Taj, only 5 -8 % of travellers visit this place. This place offers amazingly calm and serene surroundings. Huge lawns with lot of deers, and black bucks roaming around peacefully, it is an ideal place to find some quiet moments.

From Agra onwards you will be a part of Chambal Valley. It is very difficult to remove sights from the exceptionally beautiful landscapes formed by sandy hills of Chambal Valleys. Romance, adventure and driving, all at same place.

You can stop your car and take a walk and sit around the small water body. Don't get scared as there are no wild animals here. In Delhi we do not get to drive with window glasses down (too much pollution), but here I cherished driving with open windows. Landscapes are simply breath taking, check out -

At many instances, you will come very close to the railway track. Check out the view I captured while standing on the road:

Get a chance to click Chambal river in its full flow:

Be it the adjacent Railway Track, Chambal River or the highway itself...Everything is compelling enough to apply the brakes, come out of the car, enjoy the fresh air, appreciate the amazing beauty and not to forget... take some pics.

Vow...Now tell me who says it is required to go to hills or drive 2000 miles from your house to capture Sunset like this... 


With the tremendous growth of India as economic superpower, Highways have improved considerably. Driving is a sheer pleasure. However, if you are nature lover, you will be focusing more on the amazing surroundings which accompany you for most of the distance from Delhi to Gwalior. 


There is much more in Chambal than just amazing landscapes. Take a left turn from Morena and you can experience the drive to the following treasures from Indian history. These treasures have been lying hidden from ages:

1.   Kakan Math Temple: 115 ft. high Lord Shiva temple, assembled out of stones without any adhesive. Pyramids share stark resemblance with this temple. 34 km. from Morena bus stand.

2.  64 Yogini Temple, Mitawali: Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which inspired the design of Old Parliament house of India. 23 km. from Kakan Math temple towards Gwalior.

3.  Padawali Temple, dedicated to all Gods and is considered as superior to Khajuraho Temple. 3-4 km. from Mitawali temple.

4.    Batesara complex of temples: A complex of around 350 temples. Excavation work is ongoing to restore the original glory of the temples. 

5.  Shanichara Mandir: Spot where Shanidev had landed, when thrown by Hanuman Ji from Lanka, before Hanuman ji was about to torch Lanka. 

Believe me real safari will start from the above left turn. Enjoy a virtual tour of Secrets of Chambal and Betwa rivers.

Once you've set foot in this region, the desire for more will be irresistible. The adventure doesn't end in Gwalior; after soaking in its wonders, hit the road to Jhansi and discover:

1.   Sonagiri Jain temples60 km. from Gwalior on Jhansi Road, a sacred place to Digambar Jains with a chain of 77 temples, all in white colour on hilltop.

2. 125 km. from Gwalior and 15 km. from Jhansi is a small hidden town of Orchha. It consists of numerous temples, forts and cenotaphs (Chhatris), which all make Orchha an interesting spot to visit.

3.    Amazing saga of Raja Ram temple and Chaturbhuj temple at Orchha.

Keep Driving, keep travelling and keep exploring the numerous offbeat places to visit in Madhya Pradesh....

Gaurav Verma

A passionate Traveler who wants to see the whole world before hanging his boots. Always ready to explore offbeat and hidden spots. MBA + Engineer from Ivy league colleges, Gaurav is much sought after for his choice of lifestyle activities and Brand promotional campaigns.


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