Kakan Math Temple - The faithful Gravity Defying Stones

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The moment I decided to put on my exploring shoes, every road turned into a worthy destination. It was the time to complete the Chambal Safari which had started 2 years back to explore the hidden ancient historical marvels situated in Chambal ravines. First round had resulted in discovery of Mitawali temple, which had been the inspiration behind the design of Indian Parliament house.

Sorry I forgot to mention the objective of the quest, discovering Gravity defying Kakanmath temple which must have been one of the most prominent temples in India, in its glorious days. Do not be surprised once you reach there, you will get the answer...Since my last attempt to reach Kakanmath had failed so this time I was trying again to chase my passion with whatsoever it would have been taken and followed the heart to finally arrive at this sensational architecture.

Coming from Gwalior, it was a sheer pleasure to surf the Chambal ravines once more, which has changed a lot in last 2 years. Excellent roads now are a sheer pleasure to meander. Kakanmath is in Bawadipura village,  around 3 km. away from Sihoniya in the Morena district. 
Found records indicate that Suhoniya which is now known as Sihoniya was the capital of Kushwahas of the Kachwaha kingdom, established around 11th century. One of the king of  Kachwaha, Kirtiraj got this "Shiva Temple" built at Sihoniya between 1015 to 1035 A.D. This temple is known as "Kakan Math Temple" and is notable for its amazing sculpture; however in ruins now.

It is believed that praying in this temple fulfil all your wishes. This temple Kakanmath was built by king KirtiRaj to fulfil the will of his Queen Kakanwati. It is 115 ft. high and is built in Khajurho style. Pyramids have a stark resemblance with the overall structure of this temple...
My goodness how these stones have been arranged to give the temple its shape. It speaks highly of technological acumen available in India in ancient times, perhaps those were the times when our country was known as सोने की चिड़िया, The Golden Bird". Modern day engineering practices will surely term this structure as unfeasible. It stands on a lofty ornate pitha. You can see the huge tomb while entering the nearby area of the temple. It is made by joining the huge stones and it seems that the building will fall down any moment.

This temple was built without using any adhesive materials. Stones are arranged in such a manner which gives this beautiful structure its present form. You may term this a temple, but this monument is an example of ancient engineering expertise, which has no parallelsDo not believe, check it from the bottom, the articulate arrangement of the stones...

By this time we were totally mesmerized by the structure. Now we decided to get closer to the temple and found that the walls and pillars of the temple are carved with such grace that one can't stop appreciating the work.
While coming up from the stairs for the temple, there is huge gate like structure. However orientation of this gate is in parallel to the temple entrance. Generally such gates are perpendicular to the temple entrance so that when anyone who enter through this gate directly faces the temple entrance gate.

Some of the secrets are still to be explored. However it looks like the main temple must have been surrounded by a number of smaller temples. Come here in the morning time if you want to see peacocks, lot of peacocks. Infact Morena is derived from the Mor (Peacock) + Raina (Living place) means the place where many peacocks are found and Morena is home to perhaps the largest number of peacocks in the India.  
When you enter the temple gate on left you can see lord Shiva idol under the blue sky resting and enjoying beauty of the temple or keeping a guard over this place?

The ruins are so majestic. The outer covering has been lost, but if you see it closely there are still some stones intact which depicts Gods and Goddess. Such a huge structure and covered with numerous carvings, it is not difficult to imagine the aura of this temple in its prime time.

Site is being excavated to unearth the broken parts of the temple. Particularly the broken part at the top of the temple. I was able to find out the remaining broken part of the temple top...

Thanks to MP tourism and Archaeological Survey of India restoration work is going on for past sometime. Going around the premises one can find a lot of broken parts of temple structure and statues, which will very soon find their original place in the temple structure.

Got to know another legend behind this temple. It is said that the temple was built by Ghosts in one night, however before final touches the dawn arrived, and so the Ghosts departed leaving the construction incomplete. So outer layer is missing from the temple stones. Move around the campus and try to find the location of excavated parts of the temple...

Now a days we use cement and water mixture to make buildings but in those days lime and mud mixture was the medium to join the stone. Structures of this size cannot be joined using any of the available cements. Another interesting aspect about this temple is that the stones with which the temple is built are not available in the nearby areas. Since the restoration work is going on for this temple, the mixture is made by the same technique and mechanism which was employed in the earlier days' masonry.

This hidden but spectacular marvel is 34 km. from Morena bus stand (left turn from Morena crossing while coming from Agra, Dhaulpur) and 23 km. from Mitawali Shiva temple, when coming from Gwalior (57 km. from Gwalior bus stand via Bhind road).

There are many such Kakanmath lying hidden in different parts of our country. Most of them are in ruins due to apathy of citizens and government. It is upto us to preserve our rich heritage so that coming generations also get a chance to feel proud on our amazing history by seeing such masterpieces. Chambal ravines have been secluded for long, but has amazing wealth of our history. Continue towards Gwalior and you will come across Shiva Temple at Mitawali, Padawali (Superior of Khajuraho temple) and a massive complex of temples at Batesara. Take out some time whenever you plan a trip to Agra or trip to Gwalior

Nearest railway station is Morena and most of the trains halt here. State transport buses ply from Morena and Gwalior bus stand to Sihoniya village. Sihoniya is also connected to nearby towns by city buses, however frequency is not so good. One can also avail sharing options from Morena to Sihoniya to reach Kakanmath.

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  1. Holy mother of god! this place is indeed a hidden treasure! Thanks for such an amazing article Gaurav!

    1. Thanks Nikhil for dropping by...Chambal is not only the "Ravines" but it preserves a real wealth of our historical treasures, unspoilt and untouched...

  2. Now that is a hidden wonder alright...can't believe the way it is built.

    1. Thanks Ami for dropping by. Have to believe the in faithful stones which have kept this structure intact.

  3. What a beautiful temple. You are right, as citizens we must do whatever we can to preserve our heritage...

    1. Thanks for dropping by...
      It will be huge loss if such illustrated monuments are lost in the books of history just by sheer neglect...

  4. Unbelievable the way stones of temple are placed. Nicely captured too.


    1. Thanks Pankaj for dropping by...It is an amazing example of engineering and architectural expertise we had in ancient times..

  5. A man from morena reading this article...me☺️☺️. Thank u bro... For this article bcs still now people think morena and chambal is just about dacoits

    1. This is just awesome and thanks for taking time to read my article. Such spots are nowhere else, but still somehow have been kept hidden.
      I have been regularly exploring Chambal Valleys and still think there is more to land of Chambal. Will be great to catch with you on my next trip to Chambal/ Morena.

  6. Nice & knowledgeable matter related to our ancient history.अदभुत work done by you.good luck.

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