Packet full of Health and Taste, by Saffola

Let's have a walk to market - Are you crazy!! we will take the Car

Why don't we use stairs - Are you nuts!! 5 floors by Stairs

मेरे से और पैदल नहीं चला जाएगा, please call a Taxi

Above sounds pretty familiar responses. But what surprises more is that, when these responses come from otherwise perfectly healthy-looking people


Time to realize that Fitness is not just limited to looking good or healthy outer appearance or having Macho physique / chiseled slim bodies. Inner health is as crucial to overall fitness which includes stamina for long walks, skipping elevators for embracing stairs for daily activities or may be taking a walk to the nearest market.


So, Overall Fitness = Right Nutrition + Exercise. 


Nutrition and exercise are the basic maintenance for both a healthy mind and a healthy body. But Exercise without right nutrition may not provide the desired outcome and may lead to quick burnout. Healthy or nutrition filled eating is a crucial element to a healthy lifestyle and an area I think is worth investing in. After all, to think well, to love well and to sleep well one has to also “EAT WELL”.

Have heard since childhood and there are many people out there who assume and preach that do not mind as healthy food is most of time boring and tasteless. However, Saffola Fittify shows the other way with delicious preparations full of nutrition. Check for yourself, Travel Diaries received following Food items from Saffola:

Immuniveda Golden Turmeric Milk:

Turmeric is a wonder herb that increases antioxidants in body to fight cell damage and reduce oxidative stress on the body. This is essential to build a healthy immune response to fight with any infection or disease. Internet is full of advice on “N reasons to have Turmeric or drink Turmeric Milk Everyday”.

Since I was a kid, I have been regularly made to drink turmeric milk for building immunity. So, when I saw this good-looking pack of Turmeric Milk on Fittify portal, fingers automatically clicked on “BUY IT NOW”


Preparation is simple, just put a scoop of powder to the milk and you can get distinct flavour of every component used in the preparation like Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon and bites of real Almond. My kid for last one week is under transition from a Bournvita kid to Turmeric Milk Kid. And this golden yellow color of the drink looks pretty attractive to serve as well. 


Price may seem to be slightly on a higher side at first glance; however, the taste and aroma of the Golden Turmeric Milk Mix will surely make you buy another box.


# - You may add extra Sugar as per the preference.

Price - ₹ 359 | Quantity – 400 g.

Saffola Hi-Protein Meal Replacement Shake 

Till writing of this post, I have tried 3 packets out of the 7 days assorted pack, I received from Saffola. With 3 days/ 3 packets, did not expected big changes, but definitely hunger was satiated with approx. 150 - 200 ml. of the shake prepared with milk and I was able to comfortably reduce quantity of regular meal intake without any drop in Energy levels.

This Hi-Protein Meal Replacement Shake will not only quench the hunger but also provide necessary protein-based nutrition for continuing your regular work/ exploration. Chocolate, Kesar Pista or Pistachio Almond tastes rich and creamy flavour is fulfilling.

·      These packets are ideal to be carried along with by the travellers going for long drives or exploring offbeat spots, where availability of Food is always a concern.

·       For children, spicy food is a concern at times, these packets will be very handy.


# - Adding Sugar may not be required, but you may add sugar as per your preference.

Price - ₹ 499 | Quantity – 7 Day assorted pack.

Saffola Fittify High Protein Steel Cut Oats

It took me around 12 minutes to prepare a bowl of Oats with Milk. These are not Masala Oats, so I added some Honey, Gulkand and sweet Cornflakes as garnishing to make my type of dish. Will suggest adding Gulkand to taste it awesome. Even the tortoise on my table were not able to resist and moved closer to taste the Oats.

Oats are also available with many other brands, likewise with good brands like Saffola, I need not worry about the quality and goodness.

Price - ₹ 169 | Quantity – 500 g.


# - Gulkand (गुलकंद) is a sweet preserve of Rose petals.

# - Honey, Sugar or Gur (Jaggery) can be added as per taste and preference.

Saffola Fittify Green Coffee - Lemongrass Lavender

Honestly, have not heard of Green Coffee till I got this gift from Saffola. I was wondering and was confused on what will be the taste of this Green Coffee with mixed Lemongrass Lavender mix. Initially I had assumed that this will be tasting something like bitter Black Coffee with some aroma. However, when I took the first sip of the green coffee, there was a smooth taste along with delightful aroma from calming lavender and soothing lemongrass, totally different from anticipated taste. 

Packet says it has 3 times more Antioxidants as the Coffee is not roasted. 

Twice have replaced my daily afternoon coffee with this Green Coffee till date and actually felt refreshed during the midday blues. May be the frequency of having Green Coffee will increase in coming days. 


Price - ₹ 208 | Quantity – 15 sachets – 30 g.

Saffola Aura Extra Virgin Olive Oil -250ml

Good to drizzle around on Salads and that is what we have enjoyed this extra virgin Olive Oil at our home.

Price - ₹ 264 | Quantity – 250 ml.     

Fittify Natural - Unsweetened - Peanut Butter 

Being unsweetened, you will get to feel the authentic taste of Peanut butter. My 10-year-old kid, decided to enjoy his morning Paranthas with Peanut Butter alongside regular Curd and Achar. 

There are lots of Peanut’s pieces in the butter to make it more enjoyable even without any bread, Chapati or anything.


Price - ₹ 123 | Quantity – 200 g.


To summarize I think this initiative by Saffola for Fitness Food is an excellent concept. Healthy eating simple without compromising on taste and will be a definite attraction to many who do not want to cut down on flavor in quest of health and Saffola Fittify has number of delicious options to select from. 

However, food and nutrition alone will never compensate for exercising. Ensure along with nutritional food, ample exercise in order to achieve your goals of Fitness and Healthy Body, which is worthwhile an investment. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Young...

Gaurav Verma

A passionate Traveler who wants to see the whole world before hanging his boots. Always ready to explore offbeat and hidden spots. MBA + Engineer from Ivy league colleges, Gaurav is much sought after for his choice of lifestyle activities and Brand promotional campaigns.

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