Raneh Falls - the Great Indian Canyon

When Nature Gods decide to take a paint brush, humans just need to sit and enjoy the outcome. Such a magic is created when river Ken meets Vindhya Basalt rock formations. Ecstatic, Stunning, Unique and adrenaline rushing through the veins. To experience all these emotions together, you should either pray for having a good fortune, or you may plan a trip to Raneh Falls.


Despite located just 22 km. of Khajuraho, very few people know about this and hardly a few visitors come here. Those who have been privileged to visit here will agree that Raneh Falls is the most unique attraction you will come across India and probably in the World. Situated inside Ken Gharial Sanctuary, Raneh Falls is a spot characterized by numerous waterfalls formed on course of Ken River running over the Vindhya Basalt rocks formations, the oldest rocks on the earth. You will be confused to find a place to click pictures as the spot tends to get more beautiful on every next step. 

A 5 km. long and 100 – 120 ft. deep canyon formed by rocks like dolomite, limestone, basalt, quartz, granite, and solidified lava in varying shades paint a landscape worth exploring and cherishing.

The canyon has been formed by volcanic eruptions. There are dedicated viewing spots from where one can see the long stretches and changing depth of the canyon along the course. This is something you will not come across anywhere in the world. Varying colours from pink, black, brown, grey and yellow at places in the canyon is something out of this world. Under bright sunlight the beauty of this spot multiplies. 

Guide will ask you to start for next spot, but you will keep asking for 2 minutes/ 5 minutes. As there are numerous Waterfalls, so are the small small water bodies or containers formed along the canyon course. Keep counting and enjoying.
Now the guide was simply pulling us to the next spot. Approx. 5 km. from Raneh Falls, where the canyon opens up and you arrive on the 3rd viewpoint, Gharial Point. One can see some Gharials taking sun baths on riverbanks or stones. The Gharials you will see here are rare 6 m. long fish-eating Gharials. This is the point where river Ken and river Khudar meet. Relax and enjoy the peaceful moments.

Carrying a binocular will be recommended to spot the gharials and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings at this spot. It was quite cold, and sunlight was present, so we saw only a couple of Gharials. However as told by everyone there, on a clear day one can see many gharials enjoying sun bath here.


In between there is 2nd viewpoint, Nature Trail, which often misses the attention. We were alone on this viewpoint, none of the visitors who were visiting the sanctuary had turned up for this spot. But take care to not let it go. Otherwise, you will miss this SPECTACULAR landscape panorama by nature. Though I had seen pictures about Raneh Falls on the internet, but the view and experience here is simply beyond any imaginations.

Not only the Canyon views, but you will also cherish the real forest walk to reach the viewing spot. One of the clicks, which make the whole trip memorable. Those who believe this should visit here.


Ken Gharial Sanctuary is spread over 45 square km. of area and during the exploration drive one can Sambar Deer, Gray Langurs, Nilgai, Chinkara, Wild Boars and Spotted Deer. With exception of wild boar, we spotted every one of them and in good numbers.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary is managed by Madhya Pradesh Forest Department. Every tourist coming individually or in a group has to be compulsorily accompanied by a guide. For your own safety stay within the barricades and walking limits instructed by the guide. Would like to mention that all the guides employed in the sanctuary are locales only. The initiative by Madhya Pradesh Forest Department certainly needs appreciation.


To reach Raneh Falls, hired Taxis and Autos can be booked from Khajuraho.

·    We had opted an Auto for this ride. Though it was quite chilling outside on 3rd January 2023, but the Auto had covers on both sides.

·      Auto charges from ₹ 600- 700 for return journey, depending upon season and demand.

·      Entry Fee is levied for Ken Gharial Sancturary as per type of vehicle and guide fee is mandatory.

·      Entry Fee for Auto - ₹ 200, Guide FEE - ₹ 125

Keep adequate time for Ken Gharial Sanctuary and let yourself be soaked in the atmosphere of the Jungle and sounds of Waterfalls. From entrance gate to Raneh Falls is approx. 3 km. drive in the dense forest lush green surroundings.

While coming from Khajuraho, once you take a right turn towards Raneh Falls, subsequent road is a narrow/ single lane, however metalled and is in good condition. After coming to Raneh Falls, I do not plan to visit Grand Canyon as of now, first let me explore my India. Don't believe, have a look yourself - 


Keep exploring Folks. Need help on Raneh Falls, drop an email to us.

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