Malcha Mahal - Mystery Spot in the heart of Delhi

Where the limits of humans’ establishment end, jurisdiction of Paranormal World takes over. People are scared to go close to these spots, call such places as haunted, and this is the beauty of these spots that they make you believe in something which is probably non-existing.
One such spot is located inside the Delhi Ridge Forest, known as Malcha Mahal. 
It is so close to one of the most visited centers of Delhi, that presence of such a place is not believed until you visit here. From the entry gate at Sardar Patel Marg, one has to walk around 800 m. on a narrow lane and thereafter another 200 m. walk surrounded by huge cactus plantation bushes inside an intriguing forest.
As you make your way through the tall cactus bushes, sudden and unexpected appearance of Malcha Mahal structure in front of you leaves you puzzled for a moment. I too got confused for a moment before I recollected myself for next round of adventure. Exploring the secrets of Malcha Mahal from inside, a monument which has been lying abandoned for over 500 years. Check out:
Built in 14th century by Feroze Shah Tughlaq, Malcha Mahal is commonly referred to as Bistadari Ruins. The structure probably used to serve as a hunting facility of the erstwhile Tughlaqs. After decline of Tughlaqs, the place has been lying uninhabited, except for brief time from 1985. The desolate structure and the presence of bats coming across flying from anywhere inside the monument scares the hell out of anyone in daylight.

During the evening, visitors have claimed to hear footsteps of someone walking close by and felt presence of something beyond comprehension. The structure is surrounded by dense forest mainly consisting of Keekar trees which adds up to the creepiness. Even a small oscillating whisper from the trees is enough to make your heartbeat go runnig.

In 1985, out of nowhere Begum Wilayat Mahal who claimed herself to be the descendant of last king of Avadh, along with her two children started living at this lonely spot and named the spot as Wilayat Mahal. They had around 12 bloodhounds for their security and did not allow any visitor to come near to the spot. In 1993, Wilayat Mahal committed suicide and subsequently her children died of depression/ loneliness. It is believed that the spirit of Wilayat Mahal continue to reside in the Mahal. The picture which I got from internet of Wilayat Mahal staying at Malcha Mahal:

However, New England Bureau Chief of The New York Times disclosed in its investigative journalism that Wilayat Mahal had in fact no connection to the Awadh royal family. She was the widow of the former Registrar of Lucknow University. Some news pieces have reported that she had Pakistani lineage. (

But the family continued to proclaim themselves as descendants of Nawab of Avadh till their deaths closed the chapter forever. They managed without Electricity or Water for this time, which raises suspicion that they were hiding something.

Malcha Mahal is one of the most intriguing places I have visited, not at night but during the day itself. No surprise the place is hardly visited by anyone. After spending 15-20 minutes, as I was about to walk back saw 2 guys entering on a bike. They parked the bike but left the place within 2 minutes saying that they are not feeling good at the place. It was normal for a spot like this - 

Definitely this is not a regular tourist spot, but an interesting outing. Keep exploring Folks.

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