Pandav Caves and Falls - a Paradise in Panna National Park

Where the symphonies from the falling water have been playing since ages and where the water has not dried despite nearby regions experiencing extreme droughts. Such spots defying the rules of nature are usually created by the GODS. However, this one spot known as Pandav Caves and Falls was not created by the Gods, but by the Pandavas. Pandavas???


About 43 km. from Khajuraho and 5 km. from Panna Tiger reserve (Mandla Gate) is this perennial waterfall which is created by a tributary of Ken River. Approx. 30 m. in height, this natural canvass is best witnessed from standing at the base of waterfall.


From the entry gate, a 5-minute drive will take you to the starting point of the downstair journey to the waterfall. A few yards into the territory and the surroundings turned into a dry space.
I was wondering whether we will find any drop of water in the falls. But as we were about to reach the falls, the dried space gave way for a dense forest.


One has to take a long flight of stairs, approx. 15-20 minutes to reach at the bottom of the fall. However, the extravaganza of the natural surroundings is worth the effort. 

If you are with your kids, carrying them will make for lifelong memoirs.

Downstairs walk went like a flash as we got occupied in praising the natural beauty of this spot, be it the falling water or the heart shaped pond or sheer greenery everywhere around. Finally, the moment, the view from the bottom of the falls makes the journey worthwhile. Not only the dripping water, but also the caves beneath the Falls are worth exploring. These are the caves where Pandavas had stayed during their exile time.

There are 2 streams of waterfalls. The smaller stream was created by Arjun on request of Queen Draupadi. Story goes like this; while at this spot Pandavas were craving for water and were almost on verge of dying due to thirst. Queen Draupadi requested mighty Bheem to try and extract water from these mountains by using his mace. However, Bheem was not so sure if water could have been located, so probably ignored the request. Then Draupadi requested Arjun to pierce the mountains and bring out the water. Arjun then sent an arrow in the mountains and to astonishment of everyone, a stream of fresh water came out from the stones and started to flow down the mountains. After satiating the thirst, this small stream was blessed by Queen Draupadi to flow forever for the benefit of living beings.


Feeling humbled, Bheem then broke the mountains with his mace and created the larger waterfall stream. However, this effort of Bheem didn’t found favor with Draupadi and probably because of which this larger stream is a seasonal waterfall which grows up during rains and almost gets extinct during summers. At the time of our visit, it was only a few thin streams, visible on other side of the pond.

Birds chirping and flying here and there is another feature to enjoy at this spot. The place is not just a waterfall or ancient caves, but it is an ecosystem where number of birds, animals feel blessed, and a lot of medicinal plants found here are serving the cause of humanity. And finally, the Heart shaped pond visible from the top, which took our hearts away and I am very sure every visitor to this spot will feel the same excitement as we did.

Remains of caves and temples connecting with the legend of Pandavas stay can be seen below the falls. This fall can be visited anytime during the year. However, to see the magic of this fall, our favorite time to visit will be during the hot season, as it preserves greenery and freshness when everywhere around this spot is scorching hot and dry. May like to have a virtual tour of the spot-

Entry Fee to Pandav falls if ₹ 150 for a car/ open gypsy and ₹ 100 for local guide provided at Falls. If you are visiting Panna National Park, Fee for Pandav Falls is included in the entry fee for Panna National Park. Find information on Panna National Park and Fee app    licable

Keep exploring folks...

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