Aura of Radha Kund, Govardhan

Where God Krishna played, every inch of space resonates with divine energies indicating his eternal presence.


Located within the heart of Govardhan is the Radha Kund, a sacred site revered by millions for its profound spiritual significance and enchanting beauty. Mentioned in Hindu scriptures, this sacred site attracts pilgrims and spiritual seekers alike to immerse in its mystical aura and divine energy. Fascinated by the associated history, one fine morning, we started the drive towards Radha Kund. 


Radha Kund and connected Shyam Kund (Kund is Pond in English) is a prominent spot in Govardhan Parikrama Marg. Radha Kund is considered as the holiest of all the sacred lakes in Mathura, Vrindavan and is believed to be the embodiment of Radha's love for Krishna. No surprises, first glance of the pious Kund, along with line of temples will make you fall in love with the site -  

History of Radha Kund goes back to the times of God Krishna when demon Arishtasur was sent by devil Kansa to kill God Krishna, when God Krishna was a young boy. Demon Arishtasur came in form a of a Bull and got mixed with the cows of Gokul with an intention of taking God Krishna for a ride and killing him. However, Arishtasur was killed by God Krishna as soon as he was identified from within the herd of cows. Irrespective of him being a demon, Bull is also considered as sacred as Cow, so Goddess Radha asked God Krishna to purify himself by taking bath in sacred waters of rivers and of all sacred places. Thereafter Shyam Kund was created by God Krishna by inviting Sacred Water from all the sacred Sites on the earth. 
Seeing this Shyam Kund, an adjacent kund was created by Goddess Radha and her friends by using their bangles and thereby filling it with water from Manasi ganga. Water ferried from Manasi Ganga was repeatedly getting soaked in the ground and this saddened Goddess Radha. Seeing this God Krishna requested all the rivers to appear and fill the Kund with their sacred waters. Goddess Radha agreed to request of rivers, and this is how Radha Kund came to existence. God Krishna promised to daily take a bath in the waters of Radha Kund. 

Every visitor coming here was taking a dip in the holy waters of the kund. Taking a dip three times is the norm, So I did the same. Radha kund has stepwell like construction and is also called as Crown of God Krishna. 
A dip in holy waters of Radha Kund (Pond in English) absolves one from all the Sins. Also, childless couples come here to seek blessings from Radharani. Many couples who have taken bath in the holy waters on occasion of Ahoi Ashtami have been blessed with a child. Rightly said – Science only goes so far and then God comes along. Few minutes spend here will guarantee diversion from materialistic word while praying and chanting the divine tunes of God Krishna, जय श्री राधे. 

The spiritual significance of Radha Kund is well acknowledged by visiting Foreigners, who regularly gather around the Radha Kund to offer prayers to the almighty.

After taking a dip in the holy waters a leisurely walk around the town unveils a vibrant tapestry of culture and tradition. Wandering down the narrow lanes, one encounters a plethora of colorful souvenirs, most of which bearing the imprint of "जय श्री राधे" and where people greet each other as Radhey Radhey (राधे राधेis a testament to the faith of the people and love towards Radha Rani.
This exploratory walk is not just a mere walk but a journey into the heart of local craftsmanship and spirituality, where every item carries a story, every corner whispers a tale of devotion. It's a captivating experience that adds another layer of enrichment to the visit, leaving one with cherished memories and an appreciation for the cultural richness of the place. While walking around we came across one ship selling variety of conches. As blowing conch is a sacred tradition, I added one more conch to my collection of conches. For sake of identification, I write the name of place on the conch. Check out -
Blowing conch improves lungs' capacity and removes distressing frequencies. While exploring the area near Radha Kund, should hunger strike consider visiting Seetaram Mishtahn Bhandar, which is one popular sweet shop near Radha Kund. Do try Dahi-Jalebis, Samosas and Malai Laddoo.
To Summarize: There must be some reason, why thousands of pilgrims come here for bathing in the waters of Radha Kund and performing parikrama (completing a walk around) of Govardhan Hill while engaging in devotional practices such as chanting, meditation, and various spiritual discourse. Radha Kund stands as a true timeless symbol of divine love and devotion. Whether coming as a pilgrim seeking spiritual enlightenment or just as a visitor to this sacred abode, an indelible imprint on the heart and soul is confirmed. 

Radha Kund comes in Govardhan Parikrama Marg and Govardhan is known for captivating natural beauty. A drive around Govardhan with its panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, offers a serene backdrop for refreshing your soul. Road from Noida to Radha Kund is a pleasure to drive, especially the last 15 km. countryside drive

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